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Rice pudding with apple milk and cinnamon

Rice pudding with apple milk and cinnamon

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Wash the rice well and let it drain. Bring the milk to a boil and add a little salt. When the milk swells, add the rice and mix so that the rice does not stick to the bottom of the pan. Reduce the heat, and let the rice simmer, turning from time to time. After 10 minutes, add the sugar and after another 10 minutes. , the rice is boiled, even if there is still milk (it will be absorbed by the rice). Allow to cool.

Grease a bowl of yenna and sprinkle with breadcrumbs. Mix the yolks with the rice and lemon peel. Beat the egg whites until stiff and slowly incorporated into the rice.

Washed apples, peel them and cut them into thin slices. Put half of the rice in the heat-resistant bowl, cover with a layer of apples and add cinnamon over the apples. Put the other half of the rice and cover with another layer of apple slices, cinnamon and sugar that will caramelize when baked.

The pudding can be served sprinkled with homemade fruit syrup.

Rice pudding with apple milk and cinnamon - Recipes

For 10 servings: 600 g rice, 1,500 l milk, 1 kg apples, 300 g sugar, 5 eggs, 10 g vanilla sugar, 1
g cinnamon, 200 g fork syrup, 10 g salt, 50 g butter, 50 g breadcrumbs.

Method of preparation:
The rice is chosen by foreign bodies, washed, drained of water and boiled in milk. When the rice
it is almost boiled add 150 g sugar and salt. At the end add the vanilla sugar
mix with a spatula and allow to cool. Apples are peeled and the house is seminal
grate on a grater, stopping about 250 g slices. Grated apples are mixed with 150 g of sugar and
cinnamon. Boiled and cooled rice is mixed with beaten egg yolks and egg whites,
gently stirring the composition until smooth. The composition is divided into three parts,
placing the first part in a tray greased with butter and lined with breadcrumbs, then a layer of apples
grated, continuing the layers, three of rice and two of grated apples, so that the surface is
rice that is leveled on the entire surface of the tray. Place the apple slices on top and
put the pudding in the oven at a moderate temperature for 20-30 minutes. Pudding
the baking is left to cool a little, then portioned and served hot or cold with syrup
of fruit on top.

Recipe: Rice pudding with apples

Ingredients for rice pudding with apples
& # 8211 300 gr rice
& # 8211 ½ liter of milk
& # 8211 375 gr sugar
& # 8211 100 gr butter
& # 8211 1.5 kg mere
& # 8211 4 eggs
& # 8211 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
& # 8211 a teaspoon of breadcrumbs
& # 8211 Cinnamon or a teaspoon grated lemon peel
& # 8211 sare.

Preparation for rice pudding with apples
Choose rice with a round grain. The rice is washed in some water, drained and boiled in water for about 5 minutes. It drains water.
The milk is boiled together with 125 g of sugar, vanilla sugar and a little salt. Add the boiled rice to the milk and boil in the milk until it is almost boiled, so that the rice grain remains whole. Allow to cool, then mix with the beaten egg yolks and egg whites.

Rice pudding preparation

Peel the apples, grate them and fry them in 50 gr butter, add the rest of the sugar and a teaspoon of lemon peel or, if you prefer, add cinnamon. Grease a form with butter, put white breadcrumbs and pour half the amount of rice, then place the hardened apples.

Preparation of rice pudding with apples

And then put the other half of the rice. Smooth the surface well, put the pieces of butter and put them in the oven.

Preparation of rice pudding with apples

Leave the rice pudding until golden brown on top.

Baked rice pudding with apples

You can serve rice pudding with cold apples, garnished with whipped cream, or you can serve hot pudding sprinkled with fruit syrup.

Rice pudding and pudding

Rice pudding and pudding

Because we already know that breakfast is always better with milk, this time too we do not lack the magic ingredient in the recipe so I propose a new one recipe which is part of the campaign Yes, milk!, initiated by Tetra Pak.

Rice pudding they were the little delicacies that my grandmother and mother prepared for me when I was a child, and now, in my turn, I also prepare them for my children in a different way, sometimes, that is, Grandma's Milk Rice is simply required to be prepared and with pudding this is how this combination between past and modern resulted, Rice pudding and pudding. If you haven't tried it yet Rice pudding with apples or Sweet rice beans , we recommend you to try them too, you will certainly not regret it.

Ingredients Rice with Milk and Pudding :

200 g of rice
1 sachet of vanilla pudding
1 pinch of salt (between two fingers)
5 tablespoons sugar
500 ml of milk

Preparation of Rice with Milk and Pudding :

We wash the rice in more water and then let it drain. In a deeper pan, put the washed rice and pour enough cold water on top to cover it and then boil it. We take the pot of rice aside and move on to the next stage.

In another bowl put the envelope with pudding, the 5 tablespoons of sugar and gradually add the cold milk. Stir and then pour over the rice. Put the pan back on the heat and let it boil until it thickens, stirring constantly.

Serve both hot and cold sprinkled with sugar, cocoa and cinnamon if you want a special taste. We hope you enjoy this Rice with Milk and Pudding and try it as soon as possible. Personally, every time I prepare it, I return to the thought of my childhood, how carefree I was. Good appetite !

Rice with milk and caramelized apples with cinnamon butter

This creamy rice takes me back in time to my mother's or grandmother's kitchen. I remember that from autumn until the beginning of summer there was not a week to not have this rice with creamy pate and caramelized apples with butter and cinnamon at least twice for breakfast or dessert.
Grandma was a specialist in rice pudding and most of the time she would find us in the morning with a healthy portion. He put it on the stove and didn't give it much importance. And as long as he worked in the morning to warm the water for the animals, he stirred it from time to time so that it wouldn't get caught. He often made it with jam or simply with cinnamon or cocoa.
When he had more time, he made it with caramelized apples, which he put with a piece of butter and some sugar in a tray in the stove until they caramelized.
Breakfast or dessert is ready in just 30 minutes and will surely remind you of your childhood.

Ingredients for rice pudding:

300 g round grain rice
500 ml of water
1.2 l fat milk
100 g sugar
A pinch of salt

Ingredients for caramelized apples:

1 kg green apples
150 g sugar
100 g butter
A pinch of salt
1 tablespoon ground cinnamon

How to prepare rice with milk:

Bring the water to a boil with a pinch of salt and when it boils, add the washed rice in a single water. Stir until it starts to boil and then reduce the heat to low and stir from time to time. We also put the milk to heat.
When the rice has absorbed all the water, add the hot milk and let it simmer, stirring every 2-3 minutes to make it snow.

Preparation for caramelized apples with int and cinnamon:

Peel the apples and cut them into 1/1 cm cubes.
In a pan put the butter, powder and sugar on the fire until it starts to caramelize slightly. Add the apples, cinnamon and set fire to the sea, and when all the sugar has melted and the sauce has formed, take it off the heat.

Put the rice in a bowl and top with the caramelized apples with butter and sauce. Serve hot, but it goes perfectly and cold.

That's about it, simple and ready in 30 minutes, a delicious and healthy dessert or breakfast. Now I leave you and I wish you good work and good appetite!

Rice pudding with apples

Rice pudding with apples is a delicious pudding that my grandmother prepared during the summer holidays when I was at her place. I was always around her when she said she was preparing for this pudding lest I miss the moment when she took it out of the oven & # 8230 I remembered her the other day and I called her to tell me her recipe too. As I found out the recipe, I also prepared it for my girls, who liked it. In the next round I will add some raisins in the composition, it will definitely be even better. I recommend you try this recipe too pudding you will definitely be delighted with the end result.

Ingredients Rice pudding with apples:
300 g rice
1 l milk
150-200 g sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 vial of vanilla essence
6 apples
4 eggs
5-6 tablespoons peach jam
100 g butter
breadcrumbs for the tray
butter for greased tray

Preparation of rice pudding with apples:
trustee the apples and we remove the stalk with seeds and then slice them as thin as we can. We sprinkle them with the juice of a lemon so that they do not oxidize until we prepare the other ingredients necessary for this. puddings.

We boil the washed rice in a liter of milk until it becomes soft. In the milk in which we boil the rice, let's not forget to add 100 g of butter and 1/2 teaspoon of salt. After the rice has boiled, take the pot aside and move on to the next stage. In a bowl, break 2 eggs to which we add 2 more yolks. Beat the remaining 2 egg whites with 40 g of powdered sugar. Beat the eggs a little with a fork and then we will add them to the rice composition that has cooled so far (not to be the hot composition!). Stir until smooth, add sugar, vanilla essence, grated lemon peel, then add sliced ​​apples and mix. A round shape, preferably detachable (it can also be baked in a rectangular tray if you want) with a diameter of 26 cm, grease it with butter and then cover it with breadcrumbs and then pour the resulting composition into it. On top we can put a few slices of apples and then cover everything with meringue made from the 2 egg whites.

Shape in a preheated oven until the meringue is nicely browned (keep in the oven for about 30-45 minutes on low heat). After baking, let it cool rice pudding , we spread over the meringue peach jam then we decorate according to everyone's imagination as we wish.

200 g of rice
4 apples
2 tablespoons butter
100 g of currant jam
4 eggs
50 g sugar
1 vanilla essence
1 pinch of salt

Wash the rice well and boil it in water or directly in milk. Peel the apples and remove the core. Grease four cups or higher bowls with butter, place the apples and fill with currant jam. Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Mix the rice with the egg yolks, vanilla essence, sugar and beaten egg whites. Fill the cups with the rice mixture, leaving the apple tops uncovered and place in the preheated oven for about 30 minutes.

We wash the apples and peel them. Remove the middle and cut them into cubes.

Melt the sugar in a saucepan, when it gets a golden color, add the butter and mix well.

Add the apple cubes and let them simmer for about 2-3 minutes. Add water and boil for a maximum of 1 min.

Boil the milk (500 ml) with the sugar and cinnamon stick. When the milk starts to boil, add the rice and mix. Boil for 15-18 minutes on low heat. Stir often to prevent sticking.

When the rice is almost cooked, add the starch dissolved in the rest of the milk (100 ml) and boil for another 2-3 minutes.

The boiled rice is left to cool then it is put in cups & # 8211 in alternative layers with the apple composition.

The apple composition is warmed slightly before forming the pudding cup.

Rice pudding with milk

Rice pudding with milk. Pampering my childhood! If my grandmother wanted to please me and she wanted to be dear to me, she would make me rice pudding, "rizskók" as she called it. Success was guaranteed! The aromas of vanilla and caramel enveloped Grandma's kitchen. In the background is a rice pudding mixed with beaten eggs and baked in a form lined with butter and breadcrumbs.

Rice pudding is easy to make. Its base is a classic rice pudding recipe here.

In the case of pudding, the rice is not boiled completely because it will also be cooked in the oven. The specific flavors are vanilla and grated lemon peel. Almonds, raisins, cranberries, etc. can be put in rice pudding with milk and this can also be prepared for multicooker & # 8211 see here how.

From the quantities below it results approx. 6 servings of rice pudding with baked milk.


We like anything made with apples and it tastes like cinnamon!
Rice pudding with apples is made very quickly and is very, very good!
I boiled a cup of rice (about 250 g) in 2.5 cups of milk (I usually measure the rice and put the milk twice and a half), sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and a little salt. The rice boiled 20 minutes after which I put it to cool, covered, to take all the milk.

Next, I mixed 3 tablespoons of sour cream well with an egg and chilled rice.

I lined a tray with removable walls with margarine and breadcrumbs, put the rice and arranged it like a countertop.

4 apples washed, cleaned and cut into 2, cut into thin slices, like onions and put over rice, until the whole surface is filled. Over the apples (spread them a little) put brown sugar, vanilla sugar and cinnamon and bake for 40 minutes.

After it is baked, we take down the removable walls, let it cool for about 30 minutes and it coagulates!
It is a tasty pudding, good-looking and easy to make!