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Adorable Cats “Hired” at Pizza Hut in Japan

Adorable Cats “Hired” at Pizza Hut in Japan

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New Pizza Hut ad campaign in Japan shows what would happen if cats worked at a Pizza Hut

It’s so sad that this is an ad campaign because we’d totally eat at a cat pizzeria.

Taking it one step further than a cat café, Japan continues to indulge its cat obsession with the introduction of the Pizza Hut run entirely by felines. Pizza toppings at this location include tuna fish, Fancy Feast, and hairballs. Unfortunately, unlike the cat cafés, you won’t actually be able to find the Pizza Hut run by cats; it’s all part of a clever and cute ad campaign for Pizza Hut Japan. But one can dream.

The fictional pizzeria is called “Pizza Cat!” and even has its own website featuring the antics (and poor business skills) of Tencho, Hime, Dora, and Detch. The videos promoting the Pizza Hut felines feature the cats ignoring phone calls, napping through alarms, struggling to get into their adorable little Pizza Hut uniforms, and failing to figure out how to work a cash register.

The website for Pizza Cat! warns that if you don’t get your pizza in time, it’s because “the cats lost their motivation, please excuse them.” As if we could stay mad at those tiny, furry faces.

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Adorable Cats “Hired” at Pizza Hut in Japan - Recipes

What do you see when you look up at a full moon?

In Japan, people see a rabbit pounding mochi rice cake with his pestle. The full moon in September, when the air is clear and showing the outline of the moon in crisp detail is considered the most beautiful moon of the year. Tsukimi, meaning “moon viewing” is a Japanese festival honoring the moon and the autumn harvest. It was based on an ancient Chinese folklore about the rabbit which sacrificed himself for the Moon God.

Today, Tsukimi is mostly enjoyed through family parties as well as school events. The round white mochi made from rice is offered to the moon as an expression of gratitude for the autumn harvest. Fried or poached egg is also associated with Tsukimi because of its resemblance to the full moon in the sky.

Of course, the food industry does not let the great opportunity slip away. At this time, limited edition products to get consumers in the mood for Tsukimi can be found at fast food restaurants and convenience stores throughout Japan.

A special menu Tsukimi Burger at McDonald’s©, featuring poached egg with a beef patty is quite popular. KFC© offers Tsukimi chicken fillet sandwiches. Tsukimi Pizza at Pizza Hut© is a pizza with sliced boiled eggs on top. GODIVA© offers Tsukimi Chocolat at convenience stores.

This time of the year, I miss those special treats of Tsukimi in Japan! I made mochi rice cake dessert to celebrate Tsukimi with my family. I hope the weather is clear tonight so that we can enjoy some moon viewing while eating the treat.

The adorable rabbits along with the mochi and the tree stump are all made of Chirimen. It is designed and made by Nobuko Naito, a renowned Chirimen artist and our Chirimen Course supervisor.

Tired of being taken to the cleaners by overly enthusiastic patrons at its all-you-can-eat salad bar, a few years ago, Pizza Hut China decided to limit customers to a one-plate serving. After implementing the new rule, however, the company still found itself losing money as customers started stacking their fruit and vegetables into enormous towers, packing as much onto their plates as physically possible.

Check out this collection of photos depicting the monolithic cuisine creations.

1. Ah, so you like cucumber do you?

2. Don’t bump the table!

3. Watermelon delight!

4. Is there a plate somewhere below that monstrosity?

5. Nice color scheme.

6. How to build the perfect, ah, salad.

7. Cucumbers make for a strong outer wall.

8. Come on, a little more variety would be nice.

9. The prefect “date” activity.

10. Building a strong base is important.

11. As is maintaining structural integrity.

12. How high can you go?

13. Rather artistic, don’t you think?

14. Hmmm, there must be a better way to apply dressing.

Even though the one-plate-serving salad bar was priced at a relatively expensive 32 yuan (about US$5.20), Pizza Hut was unable to financially withstand the ingenuity of its “salad master” clientele, and was forced to abandon the option back in 2009. It’s a shame, really, because it was nice to see such creativity amongst diners!

Fryborg, Milford

Fryborg has won “Best Fries in New Haven” and “Top 5 Food Trucks in New England” because of its reputation for creative menu items, fresh ingredients, and excellent customer service. Their unique brand of extraordinary comfort food hits a nostalgic note and is a crowd-pleaser for people of all ages. Fryborg gained notoriety seven years ago for its award-winning hand-cut fries served with an awesome variety of dipping sauces & toppings, as well as homemade burgers & veggie burgers, Hummel Bros hot dogs, creative sandwich melts, ice cream sodas, and other clever takes on childhood favorites. Looking for a menu that's fun and delicious for vegetarians, or guests with gluten or nut allergies? Fryborg's got your back! Owner Jonathan Gibbons and his team can create customized menu items and packages to suit your needs. Fryborg travels all over Connecticut, bringing joy to guests at all kinds of gatherings, including corporate events, employee appreciation days, weddings, mitzvahs, birthdays, graduations, and any other occasion worth celebrating. Stop by their storefront at 217 Bridgeport Ave in Milford to taste their delicious food and talk to them about planning your next get-together.


Betty DeVita of Mastercard reveal the Pepper unit normally works in a Pizza restaurant.

'We've partnered with Pizza Hut in Asia to deliver a disruptive type of experience in a Pizza Hut store using Pepper the robot, AI and using his or her ability - and there's actually a debate about that, to understand how a consumer is feeling and guide them too menu choices and to eliminate the issues around payment.

'Masterpass is trying to eliminate the attention of the end of the transaction.'

When asked Pepper to clean up the confusion over its gender, it answered 'In Japan, people think I'm a boy, elsewhere more feminine. In the end, I'm just a robot.'

The robot also danced at the event run by Mastercard to unveil ints new logo and payment service.

Earlier this year it was announced the humanoid robot ‘Pepper’ will soon be taking orders in Pizza Hut locations across Asia.

MasterCard teamed up with SoftBanks Robotics and Pizza Hut Asia to launch a new commerce app for the customer service bot.

Pepper will be able to make recommendations and complete transactions, and is expected to begin employment by the end of this year - but only in Asia for now.


As robots increasingly make their way into the workforce, some have argued that they will soon be taking over many traditionally human jobs.

In an interview with Fox Business, former McDonalds USA CEO Ed Rensi argued that the $15/hour minimum wage raise will bring ‘job loss like you can’t believe.’

He argued that it would be cheaper for companies to instead purchase robotic devices.

‘If you look at the robotic devices that are coming into the restaurant industry -- it’s cheaper to buy a $35,000 robotic arm than it is to hire an employee who’s inefficient making $15 an hour bagging French fries,’ Rensi said.

Foxconn, a supplier for Apple and Samsung, has already reduced its human workforce drastically, The South China Morning Post reports.

One factory has now ‘reduced employee strength from 110,000 to 50,000, thanks to the introduction of robots,’ an official told the Post.

And, they predict more companies will soon follow, with up to 600 firms reporting similar plans in a government survey.

Mastercard used the event to launch Masterpass, a rival to Apple Pay described as 'the foundation for the future of commerce.

'From purchasing a train ticket from your mobile device, to splitting and paying your restaurant bill right at the table, to buying your groceries with the tap of your phone in-store and booking a flight online, Masterpass simplifies the checkout experience,' the firm said.

The system is currently available at hundreds of thousands of merchants online or in-app including Firehouse Subs, Masabi, and, Office Depot and ParkMobile.

Consumers will now be able to use Masterpass at the more than five million merchant locations in 77 countries that accept contactless payments including BJ’s Wholesale Club.

Contactless capability will first be available to Android device owners in the U.S.

The initial partners supporting the enhanced Masterpass experience include Ally Bank, Associated Bank, Bank of America, Bank of the West, BMO Harris Bank, Capital One, Central Bank, Citi, Fifth Third Bank, First Hawaiian Bank, First Tech Federal Credit Union, KeyBank, People’s United Bank, Security Services Federal Credit Union, SunTrust and Virginia Credit Union.

“With billions of cardholders across the globe, we are working with our issuers and merchants to ensure that we’re delivering digital payments that support consumer expectations for a familiar and secure payment experience both now and in the future,” said Craig Vosburg, president of North America, Mastercard.

“The expansion of Masterpass represents an important evolution of our business. We’re packaging the intelligence and insights generated by digital payment solutions to power a wide range of merchant and consumer experiences.”

Mastercard also revealed a new logo.

“Mastercard is one of those unique brands that is instantly recognizable around the world,” said Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing and communications officer, Mastercard.

“To thrive in this new digital world where business moves faster than ever, we want to modernize and elevate the brand in a design that is simple and elegant, yet unquestionably Mastercard.”

Humanoid robot ‘Pepper’ will soon be taking orders in Pizza Huts in Asia. MasterCard announced this week that it is teaming up with SoftBanks Robotics and Pizza Hut Asia to launch a new commerce app for the bot. Pepper will make recommendations and complete transactions, and will begin working by the end of this year

The Pepper app is powered by the MasterCard payment service MasterPass.

Users with MasterPass will be able to pair their accounts with Pepper to place an order.

This is done by tapping the Pepper icon in the digital ‘wallet,’ or scanning a code on the robot’s tablet.

Once paired, Pepper can explain the menu, make personalized recommendations, and take your order.

And if you want to know how many calories are in your meal, Pepper will tell you the answer, along with a breakdown of the fat, carbs, and protein in that particular item.

Mastercard also revealed a new logo at the event

‘Consumers have come to expect personalized service, customized offers and simple and seamless process both in store and online,’ said Tobias Puehse, vice president, innovation management, Digital Payments & Labs at MasterCard.

‘The app’s goal is to provide consumers with more memorable and personalized shopping experience beyond today’s self-serve machines and kiosks, by combining Pepper’s intelligence with a secure digital payment experience via MasterPass.’

The robot will use Wi-Fi to connect to MasterPass, allowing it to complete the entire transaction through the wallet.

Users with MasterPass will be able to pair their accounts with Pepper to place an order. This is done by tapping the Pepper icon in the digital ‘wallet,’ or scanning a code on the robot’s tablet. Once paired, Pepper can explain the menu, make personalized recommendations, and take your order

In a video demonstrating the concept, Pepper can be seen engaging with a customer to take an order and answer questions.

The robot has a tablet mounted on its chest, where the customer can see the menu and the items they’ve ordered.

Throughout the transaction, Pepper makes human-like gestures with its hands and nods its head frequently.

When the order is finished, the customer says ‘approve,’ and the dollar amount will be charged to their account.

Officials behind the move say Pepper will make for seamless ordering, and enhance customer service.

The robot will use Wi-Fi to connect to MasterPass, allowing it to complete the entire transaction through the wallet. And if you want to know how many calories are in your meal, Pepper will tell you the answer, along with a breakdown of the fat, carbs, and protein in that particular item

The app is being showcased this week at the Pepper Partners Europe event in Paris.

‘We are excited to welcome Pepper to the Pizza Hut family,’ said Vipul Chawla, Managing Director of Pizza Hut Restaurants Asia.

‘Core to our digital transformation journey is the ability to make it easier for customers to engage, connect and transact with Pizza Hut. With an order-and-payment-enabled Pepper, customers can now come to expect personalized ordering at our stores, reduce wait time for carryout , and have a fun, frictionless user experience.’

Pepper is already being used as a waiter, salesman and customer service representative in about 500 companies in Japan, including Nestle, Mizuho Bank and Nissan, Reuters reports.

Its creators have now started offering a kit, Pepper SDK for Android Studio, inviting programmers to develop new tasks.

Each bot costs roughly $1,800, and will soon launch for pre-sale in the United States in July.

Для показа рекламных объявлений Etsy по интересам используются технические решения сторонних компаний.

Мы привлекаем к этому партнеров по маркетингу и рекламе (которые могут располагать собранной ими самими информацией). Отказ не означает прекращения демонстрации рекламы Etsy или изменений в алгоритмах персонализации Etsy, но может привести к тому, что реклама будет повторяться чаще и станет менее актуальной. Подробнее в нашей Политике в отношении файлов Cookie и схожих технологий.


The Emperor's New Groove

Yzma in The Emperor's New Groove.

Introduced as the Emperor's advisor, Yzma is first seen in the movie sitting in Emperor Kuzco's throne and making decisions for him behind his back. Kuzco discovers that she has been meddling in his affairs, sees her doing it again, and without thinking, he fires Yzma as a result.

Later on, she vents her rage by smashing busts of Kuzco (whom she has now turned on and who she claims to have raised thus being his adoptive mother) with a giant hammer (with Kronk, her right-hand man, putting out more and more busts for her to destroy). However, a careless comment by Kronk gives her the idea to kill Kuzco and with him out of the way and no heir to the throne, as well as her then-recent firing not being fully disclosed to the public yet, Yzma would automatically take over the position and rule the empire. She and Kronk go to Yzma's laboratory known as the Secret Lab using a roller coaster, where Yzma decides to turn Kuzco into a flea, then put that flea in a box, put that box inside of another box, mail that box to herself, and upon its arrival, smash it with a hammer a plan she announced to be brilliant (just before accidentally knocking the flea concoction into a nearby flower, destroying it instantly), but in order to save on postage, she decides to just poison Kuzco instead. She arranges to have a dinner with Kuzco that night.

That evening, Yzma and Kronk get everything ready for dinner (including the potion used to kill Kuzco). Suddenly, Kuzco slams the door open, and Yzma tells Kronk to get the Emperor a drink. Even though Kronk's more interested in cooking dinner than carrying out Yzma's orders, he tells her that the poison's ready. Kronk poisons Kuzco's drink, but he forgets whose drink is whose, so he mixes all three drinks together. And he and Yzma stealthily throw away their drinks as Kuzco drinks his. Even though it may look like the Emperor was killed at first, he suddenly perked back up and started turning into a llama. So Yzma ordered Kronk to knock out Kuzco with the bowl of broccolis, take him out of town, and finish the job.

Taking the llama's unconscious body to the edge of the city in a big red bag, Kronk throws Kuzco into the river, but after talking to his conscience, Kronk has a change of heart at the last minute and rushes to save the Emperor before he falls to his apparent death, and succeeds. Walking down the stairs and asking himself what he should do with the body, Kronk accidentally steps on a cat's tail (thus waking it up) and lets go of the bag, which falls down the stairs and onto the cart of a fat peasant named Pacha, just as he's leaving the city with his pet llama Misty.

Yzma and Kronk searching for Kuzco.

As everyone, including Yzma, believes that Kuzco is dead, Yzma arranges a (very half-hearted) funeral for Kuzco, but then quickly ends it and becomes empress and redecorates the palace (cut from singing her own version of "Perfect World"). When Kronk reveals that he never killed Kuzco and that he is still alive, the two of them set off to find him, with Kronk carrying Yzma on his back in a specially built miniature tent. They search every village surrounding the palace (with no success), And Yzma searches for Kuzco in the jungle, where she loses her shoes, is attacked by bees and falls into the mud. While clean yourself with your scarf Kronk uses his Junior Chipmunk skills to ask Bucky the Squirrel which way the talking llama went, and Bucky points left and chitters. Shortly, after Yzma and Kronk arrive at Mudka's Meat Hut, a small roadside diner where Pacha and Kuzco have coincidentally stopped to eat when their blood sugars getting low and disguised themselves as a married couple after seeing that there are no llamas allowed. When Pacha overhears Yzma and Kronk talking about their plans to kill Kuzco, he tries to warn Kuzco and get him out of the diner. Kuzco and Yzma both go to the kitchen to request special orders to Kronk (who is replacing the previous chef who quit). When Yzma enters again, Pacha stops short and imitates the picture of the diner's icon behind him. However, Kuzco and Yzma narrowly avoid seeing each other. Ultimately, Pacha distracts Yzma by telling the diner staff that it is her birthday, and he takes Kuzco out just as Yzma is receiving her birthday greetings, to Yzma's displeasure.

When Pacha tells Kuzco that Yzma and Kronk are trying to kill him, Kuzco, convinced that Yzma is loyal, does not believe Pacha and falls out with him, believing Pacha's claim to be a plan to save his hilltop from destruction, and then orders Pacha to go. When Kuzco goes back to Yzma, he overhears the villains discussing their plans to track him down and kill him, as well as the fact his kingdom does not miss him because of his selfish behavior. Kuzco finally realizes Pacha was right and searches frantically for him, but Pacha has already left. Having lost all hope of ever returning to the palace and regaining his human form, Kuzco resigns himself to the fate of an ordinary llama. That night, Kronk suddenly remembers Pacha's face and links him to Kuzco.

The next morning, Kuzco finds Pacha in the llama herd and makes up with him, and then they both go to Pacha's house. They find that Yzma and Kronk are there searching for Kuzco (by claiming that they are distant relatives of Pacha). Chicha, Pacha's wife and the kids keep Yzma and Kronk at bay (first, by locking them in the closet, then by turning Yzma into a piñata). This gives Kuzco and Pacha a headstart, but Yzma sees them disappearing over the horizon, and a frantic race between Kuzco, Pacha, Yzma, and Kronk ensues, such that Yzma and Kuzco are almost within eyeshot. Kuzco and Pacha use a rope to cross a gorge, and then Kuzco cuts it with his mouth in an attempt to keep the villains at bay. However, Yzma's transport tent sprouts wings, and she and Kronk begin to sail over the gorge. They seem to have succeeded, but before they get to the other side, they are struck by lightning and then fall into a chasm.

Kuzco and Pacha reach the palace, only to find that their pursuers somehow got there first (by a method which, humorously, not even they know). Yzma then orders Kronk to kill the duo after throwing a knife at him, but her henchman once again has a change of heart and after Yzma, upon seeing Kronk talking to himself, berates him on his incompetence and his cooking (the latter insult ultimately hurting his feelings), he cuts the rope to a chandelier, but it falls around Yzma instead of on her, and then she sends Kronk down a trapdoor, along with his Shoulder Angel and Devil. After a brief struggle for the vial, Yzma knocks over the potions cabinet so that Kuzco and Pacha cannot tell which is the antidote, and calls the palace guards to kill the peasant and the talking llama, claiming them to be Kuzco's murderers. Pacha throws the potions onto the guards, turning them into various animals. After the guard who has turned into a cow is excused, the chase continues as Kuzco tries every potion, transforming into various creatures before transforming back into a llama.

They outwit the guards, but Yzma continues to pursue them until they reach the palace roof, and only 2 potions remain for Kuzco to try. Yzma snatches one of them, but it is the wrong potion, and she turns into a cat. When Kuzco takes the potion, she attacks him. When Pacha tries to help, she scratches him, causing him to fall. Kuzco hits Yzma on the wall, knocking her out. Once Yzma recovers, she quickly snatches the potion away from Kuzco, declaring that she will turn herself back into a human and kill Emperor Kuzco. She finds that she cannot open the vial, and her frustration makes her fall from the roof while Kuzco is saving Pacha, the vial also falls. However, both Yzma and the vial return to the roof, with the help of a giant trampoline. Yzma reaches the vial before Kuzco and Pacha and seems to have won until she is knocked out by Kronk, who has just emerged from the other end of the trapdoor.

Kuzco turns back into a human and sets out to redeem himself, building Kuzcotopia on the hill next to Pacha's home.

Meanwhile, outdoorsman Kronk becomes a scout leader with the help of Bucky, and Yzma, now a cat, is sentenced to the torture of being taught squirrel language by Kronk as a Junior Chipmunk.

Kronk's New Groove

Yzma in Kronk's New Groove.

In Kronk's New Groove, Yzma returns as the sole antagonist. However, her role is much smaller than in the first film. She appears in one of Kronk's flashbacks, wherein she has returned to human form but still has the tail of a cat. During the first half of the film, she sells sewer sludge to the old people, telling them that it is a youth potion, singing the song "Feel Like a Million" and using a reformed Kronk to advertise the product, promising to help him purchase a mansion to impress his father, while the empire elects Yzma as empress (her primary goal). However, Kronk finds out her potion is a fake, and soon the old people chase her down, where she uses a potion to transform herself into a rabbit, to prevent them from attacking her. She is then snatched and carried away by a condor. At the end of the movie, in a nest outside the Mudka's restaurant, Yzma witnesses condor chicks being hatched. Initially finding the moment to be cute, Yzma screams in terror as the chicks instantly become savage-like birds.

The Emperor's New School

Yzma in The Emperor's New School.

In the spinoff, The Emperor's New School, Yzma, once again plots to take the throne from Kuzco. The show's premise is that Kuzco must attend school and pass all of his classes in order to remain Emperor. If he fails even one class, he will not be able to retake the throne. In order to make Kuzco fail, Yzma poses as Principal Amzy, the principal of Kuzco Academy. With the assistance of Kronk, who constantly fails to recognize her until she drops her disguise, she comes up with various schemes (most involve potions that transform Kuzco into an animal, similarly to the film) in order to make Kuzco fail one of his classes. Several episodes reveal members of Yzma's family, including her mother Azma who, according to Yzma, nags her incessantly, forcing Yzma to carry out her plots. Yzma also apparently has siblings, as she has two nephews: Zim and Zam. Her father is also briefly mentioned in the song Snuff out the light, in which it is revealed he was the royal mortician and her first mentor in the ways of magic.

A few times, Yzma had come close to claiming the throne. In "The Bride of Kuzco", when Kuzco has second thoughts of marrying Princess Lalala, instead of telling her "no", he goes to Yzma, agreeing to cede the throne to her for a day in exchange for turning Lalala into a frog. After doing so, Yzma redecorates the palace in time for her mother's arrival, to prove to Azma that she achieved something. She then goes back on her words and was about to imprison Kuzco when Lalala turned back to human, due to Kronk putting extra ingredients in the potion to make it taste better. With their deal null and void, Kuzco drops Yzma down a trapdoor.

In the series' finale "Graduation Groove", Yzma carries out one final plot to stop Kuzco from graduating. Turning the royal record keeper into a bird and disguising herself as him, she placed doubts in Kuzco's mind about the pressures of leadership and later gave him an everlasting chicken potion. With her victory all about certain, she fired Kronk. Just as she was finally about to become Empress, Malina and Kronk arrive with chicken-Kuzco to expose Yzma's evil plot. Yzma was quick to deny the use of animal-transformation potions, the royal record keeper appears to support their claims. After everyone gasps in shock, Yzma reminds that Kuzco technically did not graduate as she had his diploma in her hand. Kronk then threw Kuzco at Yzma before tossing the antidote into his mouth, turning Kuzco human, allowing him to catch both the crown and the diploma. Her plot foiled, Yzma is once again dropped down a trapdoor. During the credits, Yzma was demoted to Kronk's secretary by Kuzco's order.

Other appearances

In House of Mouse, Yzma makes a cameo appearance in the episode "Pluto vs. Figaro".

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Rickshaw Driver's Daughter Who Mopped Floors to Afford School Named Miss India 2020 Runner-Up

Manya Singh watched the Miss India Pageant for the first time at 15 and now, four years later, she is recognized by her alma mater while wearing her crown and sash, with her parents and her father’s rickshaw by her side. Singh was crowned Miss India Runner-Up in a ceremony last week, according to India Today . In a viral post by Humans of Bombay, Singh shared the story of her own hard work and her parents' sacrifices. They moved from their small village in Uttar Pradesh to Mumbai.

Singh comes from a low-income family of four. She felt as if she had a calling to move to Mumbai, with a population of over 18 million. She ran away from home at 14, frustrated by the lack of opportunities, according to Her Story . “I didn’t know where it would lead me, but I knew I was meant to achieve great things,” she said.

Two days after calling her parents to tell them where she went and the part-time job she secured at Pizza Hut, her parents moved to be with her. Her dad drove a rickshaw to put her through school while Singh attended Thakur College of Science and Commerce, studying banking and insurance. Singh was also working part-time while studying, earning about 15,000 rupees (around $200) a month. Her mother sold her anklet for Singh to be able to afford exam fees for school.

Through mopping floors at Pizza Hut, sleeping in the store room, and studying with her friends in college, Singh learned how people carried themselves and developed a persona for her pageantry. When conducting interviews via video chat for over 10 pageants in December of last year in her house in the slums, Singh would be chastened for telling her father’s humble story. Singh disregarded those comments and was “proud of her roots.”

Two months later, she secured a victory for her family and herself as a runner-up in the national pageant. Singh wanted her victory to be a voice for women in lower social levels, according to Hindustan Times . Growing up, others would be sorry for her parents for not having a son as their first child. With a crown on her head, Singh celebrated her win at her alma mater, with her father leading an 18-deep rickshaw team as she and her mother sat in the back. Singh can be seen thanking her parents in an emotional video documenting the special moment.

Singh’s father remembered he would drive his daughter to school every day. This time, it was different. “Today, I was taking her with the crown on her head. I feel like I’ve gotten my life’s worth of happiness,” he said.

Singh’s mother encourages parents to support their children. Her parents were initially shocked at what their daughter wanted to pursue, telling Singh people like themselves didn’t even dream. I hope all parents encourage their daughters to touch the sky. Please support your daughters, so that they continue to dream,” she said. Featured Images via NDTV (left), Humans of Bombay (right)

Adorable Cats “Hired” at Pizza Hut in Japan - Recipes

Now we all remember when the pizza companies came out with this whole big deal about a bag that they put the boxes in, it keeps the pizza hot so when you get it, its twice as good. I don't know about you guys, but when I order food, its because I am hungry and didn't want to cook. Now with that being said, I ordered a pizza, it takes them 45 mins to get it to me, and when it comes i have to wait for another 20 mins to be able to eat it and enjoy. The whole point to this is the sheer fact that some idiot a couple years back decided that a pizza should come out of a 10 thousand degree oven, be driven across town and be hotter than it was when they cooked the damn thing. Now I ask my fellow fat men and women who when they open up the pizza box take a slice and want to eat it, SHOULD WE REALLY HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER HALF A DAMN HOUR TO EAT IT ? COME ON!!

I understand wanting hot food, I really do. What I don't get is why the hell does it have to burn the inside of your mouth, by just looking at it? I would be happy if maybe, just maybe, I order a damn pizza, and get it with in half an hour and I am able to eat it before i decide that I would rather just cook something before i am able to eat it.

Maybe its just me, but if you have enough time to cook a fully dressed turkey before your pizza cools to the point that you can eat it there is a HUGE problem. Where are my stonner brethren to lend me a hand on this topic? Its about half past 4:00, your starting to get hungry, you order a pizza with your last bit of money. You get it and eat it. After about 2 hours you realize you can't taste any thing and your mouth is burned and bloody. Come fight with me for this cause.

There is a difference between warm good pizza, and Burning hot can't taste anything for a week over cooked pizza. and I think it comes down to the carrying case that doesn't allow for the pizza to cool down on the drive. Think about it, you get a pizza, the cheese is just perfect. Nice and gooie, warm and ready to eat. THAT'S HOW IT SHOULD BE. Not this B.S of boiling cheese covering a some how hotter sauce, you bite down on the first slice and realize that the cheese has weldied it's self to the inside of your mouth. I don't know a whole lot about cheese. but I do know that cheese shouldn't be able to melt plastic, and it for damn sure shouldn't be boiling after its out of the oven.

Every one, this is a problem that we must all face head on and put an end to this! Pizza shouldn't be the ninth level of hell. It should feel like the first harp you hear right after getting past the golden gates. A greater man them my self has said that he had a dream, Well i have a dream too. It starts with the one thing, and it is the greatest thing we all could wish for. A pizza that when you get it, you can eat it. Better yet a company that realizes that its killing the taste buds of the people who just want to be lazy and enjoy.

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