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Taps Fish House & Brewery: The Ultimate Hangover Brunch Spot

Taps Fish House & Brewery: The Ultimate Hangover Brunch Spot

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The scenario: You are hungover. Suddenly your throbbing headache shifts into high gear and becomes a pounding, driving, power drill-to-the-brain headache.

A Bloody Mary probably sounds pretty good right now. But not all Bloody Marys are worth downing even in your compromised condition. It's especially in times like these when you need to treat yourself to a bloody good Bloody Mary.

TAPS Fish House & Brewery in Brea is ballsy enough to name their version of this "hair of the dog" cocktail the "World's Greatest Bloody Mary". Superlatives aside, it is a really delicious and effective Bloody Mary. As far as what goes into TAPS' World's Greatest Bloody Mary, there is quite a bit of stuff.

In the mix: Tomato juice, orange juice, fresh lemon juice, freshly grated horseradish, fresh shallots, Worcestershire Sauce, Tabasco and spices.

The Vodka: 2 ounces of Skyy.

On the rim: Coated with TAPS blackened seasoning — over 16 spices, dried herbs and other ingredients.

The garnish: You won't find the requisite celery stalk, instead there's a skewer with a giant prawn, cherry tomato, pimento-stuffed olive, sweet salad pepper, pepperocini, tomolive and dill pickle, like a drunken salad bar.
You'll fork over $9.50 for the "World's Greatest Bloody Mary", and it's teamed with a 7 ounce Cream Ale chaser — one of TAPS most awarded beers. The Cream Ale chaser comes off like dessert after a few sips of the savory, salty, spicy Bloody Mary.

This Bloody Mary is most in demand during TAPS' Bloody Sunday Brunch, er, I mean, Sunday Brunch. Unfortunately, the World's Greatest Bloody Mary is not refillable, but the rest of the brunch is.

You'll find fat Oysters on the Half Shell being feverishly shucked and served as fast as humanly possible. These oysters were satisfyingly plump but not as briny as I prefer, still good.

Other favorites included the juicy Prime Rib, Jambalaya and Pecan Crusted Salmon. The sassy jambalaya was dense with spicy sausage and dotted with awesome okra. The Pecan Crusted Salmon with a Cream Ale Lobster Bisque was a selection that I almost passed up and am glad I didn't. Crunchy and crispy on the outside, moist and flavorful on the inside, it's one of the best items on this brunch buffet. The Cream Ale Lobster Bisque just gives it that much more flavor and depth while adding a creamy sweetness.

Another surprisingly amazing item was TAPS' Huevos Rancheros. Satisfying upon the first bite, you get a bunch of great flavors and textures with a fried egg, black beans, freshly made salsa and fragrantly crispy corn tortilla at the base, all served on a small cast iron skillet. If you're bad ass enough, put 2 drops of Blair's Habanero Death Sauce on top, burn a hole in your gullet then head over to Farrell's across the street for a Pig's Trough to put out the flames.

Your experience at any buffet may vary. As a rule, I say wait for the fresh batch of the item you want to be brought out and then grab it immediately. Selections like fish can dry up pretty fast on the buffet line. Stalk and swoop that buffet!

So then, is TAPS' Bloody Mary the world's greatest? With all those great ingredients, it might come close. But even if it isn't the Muhammad Ali of Bloody Marys, I can say without hesitation that TAPS' "World's Greatest Bloody Mary" can knock down a pretty brutal hangover. And that's pretty great in my book. Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!

Gastropub grub is both perfect while you’re drinking and after the fact, and Porter Beer Bar in Little Five Points has some of the best. The menu is ever-changing but always delicious. Current highlights include a teriyaki short rib, goat cheese fritters with cracked black pepper, and a double smash burger with pastrami pork belly. It’s all perfect for your greasiest, carbiest hangover cravings. Or you can always go for the eye of the dog and order up one beer to ease the headache–they’ve literally got hundreds to choose from. Dine-in and takeout available, and there are a handful of patio seats now, too!

Waffle House – Hashbrowns

Must Eats in Columbia

Motor Supply Company in Columbia has the best food and drink pairings.

Motor Supply Co. Bistro

What it's known for: The distinctive name sets the tone for this jewel in Columbia's Vista, with its handwritten menu that changes daily. Everything here is farm fresh, with inventive pairings and specialty cocktails unlike any others in the city.

Style: Southern, Lowcountry, Brunch

Address: 920 Gervais St.

Phone: 803.256.6687

Cafe Strudel

What it's known for: Had a late night out? Throw on your shades and head to Cafe Strudel for breakfast, order the hangover hash browns and never look back. This is diner food, but better. The menu has a nice selection of sandwiches and soups, plus entrees at dinner. Daily specials for all three meals make it even better.

Style: Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, family-friendly, diner

Address: 300 State St., West Columbia

Phone: 803.794.6634

Terra Southern cooking is worth the trip while in Columbia.


What it's known for: Like its name suggests, Terra's menu reflects the freshest bounty of the surrounding land. The menu changes daily, and in addition to local fish, steaks and chops, also has a variety of pizza choices from the wood-burning oven.

Style: Southern, Lowcountry

Address: 100 State St., West Columbia

Phone: 803.791.3443

The War Mouth

What it's known for: Set in an old auto repair shop and named after the warmouth bass, The War Mouth is described by one of the owners as a "love letter to the 803." The menu includes dishes made with ingredients you might bring home from hunting or fishing - catfish stew, quail, venison - plus regional faves such as Country Captain. It has a hipster vibe with good craft beer choices.

Style: Southern, lunch, dinner, barbecue, traditional, family-friendly

Address: 1209 Franklin St.

Phone: 803.569.6144

The Shrimp and Grits at the Blue Marlin are famous in Columbia.

Halls Chophouse

What it's known for: Although Halls' expansive menu includes fresh, locally sourced seafood, veal, pork, chicken, vegetarian and vegan dishes, it's the mouthwatering steaks that earn this family-owned and operated restaurant its many accolades. Flown in from Allen Brothers in Chicago, the USDA prime beef is wet or dry aged and cooked to perfection for the ultimate tenderness and juiciness. The Halls family opened their first restaurant in Charleston in 2009 and has since expanded with locations in Greenville and downtown Columbia. It was recently named "Best Steakhouse in America" by Yelp users.

Style: American cuisine, specializing in steaks, lunch, dinner, fine dining

Address: 1221 Main St.

Phone: 803.563.5066

Blue Marlin

What it's known for: When Blue Marlin opened in an old railroad depot in the Vista in 1994, it was one of the first nice restaurants to commit to the city's new entertainment and dining district. And it has been setting the standard for business lunches and dinners ever since. The shrimp and grits are some of the best in town, there's a number of great fish dishes and the menu is always consistent and always good. You can't go wrong here.

Style: Seafood, traditional, Southern, lunch, dinner, family-friendly

Address: 1200 Lincoln St.

Phone: 803.799.3838

Mr. Friendly's New Southern Cafe is classic fare in Columbia.

Mr. Friendly's New Southern Cafe

What it's known for: This mainstay in Five Points has a changing menu of modern, inventive takes on Southern classics. The meatloaf is famous here, as is the daily house-ground burger special. It's lively at both lunch and dinner, and offers great daily wine and beer specials.

Style: Southern, lunch, dinner, brunch

Address: 2001-A Greene St.

Phone: 803.254.7828

Julia's German Stammisch

What it's known for: This is where folks gather 'round the table for some of the best authentic German food in the state. Julia's is a hotspot for expertly prepared schnitzels smothered in mushroom gravy, spaetzle, German potato salad, apple strudel, German beer and more. The uber-friendly staff always delivers a warm welcome. Note: cash or checks only.

Style: Classic German, casual, no frills, family friendly

Address: 120 Sparkleberry Crossing Road

Phone: 803.738.0630

Lizards Thicket is a don't-miss diner in Columbia.

Lizard's Thicket

What it's known for: This is Columbia's quintessential meat-and-three place, where almost anything counts as a vegetable (banana pudding!) and the fried chicken is crispy, hot and hard to beat. They have other choices, but you'll be sorry if you don't try the chicken. Open for breakfast, lunch and supper (they don't call it dinner here), this local chain also is a regular stop on the political trail and has hosted presidents, lots of candidates and other celebs.

Style: Diner, Southern, breakfast, lunch, dinner

Address: 15 locations across the Midlands

Phone: 803.799.5016


What it's known for: Housed in the upper level of the historic Hennessy's building on Main Street, this trendy new restaurant and rooftop bar offers creative, locally sourced dishes in a hip setting. The stylish decor includes handcrafted ash wood tables made by a local furniture shop. Whether you come for dinner or cocktails, you're going to love the lively atmosphere and spectacular downtown views. Live acoustic music is offered in the rooftop bar.

Style: Upscale, modern American, farm-to-table, dinner, cocktails, brunch

Address: 1649 Main St.

Phone: 803.834.5132

For can't-miss barbecue check out Maurice's.

Maurice's Piggie Park

What it's known for: When you eat barbecue in Columbia, it's made with a mustard-based sauce, and nobody has been doing it longer than the Bessinger family. The flagship store, where all the smoky magic happens, has been serving up sandwiches and plates for more than 60 years. Now with 12 locations around the Midlands, you're never far from a taste of history. If you're there early enough and they still have ribs left, by all means order some.

Style: Barbecue, family-friendly, Southern, lunch, dinner

Address: 1600 Charleston Highway, West Columbia

Phone: 803.796.0220

Baan Sawan Thai Bistro

What it's known for: The owners of Baan Sawan created a menu based on what they would want to eat if they were going out to dinner. They say they deconstruct traditional recipes and cook dishes with classic and modern techniques. The carefully chosen wine and beer list changes often. Favorites include the three-flavored duck and five choices of curry.

Style: Thai

Address: 2135 Devine St.

Phone: 803.252.8992

Hunter-Gatherer Brewery and Alehouse is a 20-year-old brewery in Columbia.

Hunter-Gatherer Brewery and Alehouse

What it's known for: More than 20 years ago, and long before brewpubs became all the rage, the Hunter-Gatherer opened up shop between the SC Statehouse and University of South Carolina campus. The beer is brewed on-site, with seasonal offerings. The amount of detail paid to the brewing has always been impressive, and so is the food. The menu changes seasonally. Great selection of sandwiches, appetizers, salads, entrees and house-made pizzas.

Style: Brewpub, sandwiches, lunch, dinner

Address: 901 Main St.

Phone: 803.748.0540

Saludas has amazing farm-to-table fare in Columbia.


What it's known for: This beautiful restaurant offers inside seating and a cool balcony overlooking the Five Points shopping district. Located in the historic VFW officers club, the restaurant showcases local ingredients with a Southern and Italian twist. Daily offerings might include a sweet tea pork chop or something wonderful involving peaches. The bar, built in the late 1800s for the historic Blakely hotel in Philadelphia, is home to inventive, seasonal cocktails.

Style: Southern, Italian, traditional, dinner, farm-to-table

Address: 751 Saluda Ave.

Phone: 803.799.9500

Tombo Grille

What it's known for: A favorite neighborhood bistro in Forest Acres, Tombo Grille is a favorite for date night or a girls night out. The menu features fresh, local ingredients prepared with an international flair. Nightly specials are particularly popular and stay consistent each week. There's often live music, too.

Style: Southern, traditional, lunch, dinner, farm-to-table, family-friendly

Address: 4517 Forest Drive

Phone: 803.782.9665

Hudson's Smokehouse has great barbecue in a family-friendly atmosphere.

Hudson's Smokehouse

What it's known for: Barbecue is the star here, along with a killer buffet that keeps on going. You smell the goodness before you get to the door, and the attentive staff makes sure you have everything you need. And if you're looking to feed a crowd, their catering menu is a great option. You'll see trays of Hudson's at tailgate parties all around during football season.

Style: Barbecue, Southern, family-friendly

Address: 4952 Sunset Blvd., Lexington

Phone: 803.356.1070

Il Giorgione

What it's known for: This small, family-owned spot serves up homemade Italian dishes in a welcoming, easy-to-love atmosphere. House-made mozzarella, pastas, pizza and the freshest tomatoes grace the menu here, and there's a great patio to enjoy a glass of wine and catch up with friends.

Style: Italian, casual, family-friendly, lunch, dinner

Address: 2406 Devine St.

Phone: 803.521.5063

Bourbon is a great place to gather in Columbia for food and drinks.


What it's known for: This narrow, lively gathering spot near the SC State House specializes in Bourbon - the drink and the New Orleans inspired menu. Serving lunch, late lunch, dinner, late night and Sunday brunch, there's always a reason to try something new. The cocktails and, of course, the bourbon list, is extensive.

The Corner Draft House - Bankers Hill

Don’t you just love a great neighborhood bar? The Corner Draft House, situated on the corner of 5th and Laurel just around the corner from historic Balboa Park, is a “down-to-earth space where you can enjoy a noteworthy American gastropub tailored for foodies, craft beer and cocktail enthusiasts.” It’s the perfect spot to stop in after a long stroll around Balboa Park to refuel and reenergize!

The Corner Draft House brunch menu has more than enough options to please any palette. The gigantic stack that is chicken and waffles, hazelnut crusted French toast or the Drafthouse chilaquiles will satisfy your brunch cravings on MLK weekend. A homage to beer, Corner Darfthouse has 70 beers on tap and they are no slouch in the bloody mary department either! With a full bloody mary menu and a secret off-the-menu bloody mary, garnished with all the things, The Corner Drafthouse is a perfect local eatery to pull up a seat and get brunchfaced!

So there you have it! My top picks of where to get brunchfaced this MLK weekend! From Oceanside to Little Italy and in between, be sure to check these places out! I hope you enjoy your 3 day weekend!

Ultimate Guide: The best restaurants around Union Square

5 of 7 Sean Rodden serves customers at the Cavalier, Friday, Sept. 21, 2018, in San Francisco, Calif. The restaurant has a 6% S.F. Mandates surcharge. Santiago Mejia/The Chronicle Show More Show Less

6 of 7 Closeup of nitro coffee from Mazarine Coffee Mazarine Coffee Show More Show Less

7 of 7 People have lunch and beers at Mikkeller Bar in San Francisco, Calif., on June 6th, 2017. John Storey / Special to the Chronicle Show More Show Less

As the holiday shopping frenzy approaches peak levels, here are our dining picks if you&rsquore planning to brave the crowds in and around Union Square.

Whether you go with the chef&rsquos omakase menu or order by the piece, there&rsquos no better sushi in neighborhood. Try the deep-fried soft shell crab and yellowtail collar.

If you work-up an appetite with your holiday shopping, take advantage of the lunchtime brunch buffet ($22.95/person). For extra festiveness, on the weekends, the buffet comes with sparkling wine ($29.95/person). Be sure to sample the butter chicken and stuffed baked flatbreads.

Craving in-season Dungeness crab? Check out Bar Crudo alum Melissa Perfit&rsquos newly opened shrine to seafood, where you&rsquoll find the crustacean in dishes like Japanese-inspired spaghettini tossed with white miso, Buddha&rsquos hand and furikake, as well as more familiar dishes like Louis salads and cioppino.

398 Geary Blvd. (in Hotel G). 415-374-7971 or

Bluestem Brasserie

This big, modern restaurant is a great spot to meet-up with friends for brunch, lunch or dinner. If you just want a cocktail and bar-friendly nosh, the restaurant&rsquos bar offers a separate menu of small bites 3 p.m. until close every day. Just be sure to save room for one of pastry chef Lori Baker&rsquos fantastic desserts.

Boudin Bakery Cafe

Sure, it&rsquos a tourist trap, but even the most jaded San Franciscan occasionally craves clam chowder in a hollowed-out sourdough bread bowl. Get your fill at the San Francisco bakery&rsquos Union Square location. Going to a holiday party and want to bring something fun to share? Grab a loaf or two of the bakery&rsquos specialty loaves, which come in the playful shapes like Christmas trees, snowmen, cable cars and even Dungeness crabs.

Dining area at Cafe Claude on Wednesday, November 22, 2017, in San Francisco, Calif. Liz Hafalia / The Chronicle

Cafe Claude

Tucked away on Claude Lane &mdash away from Union Square&rsquos hustle and bustle &mdash this French bistro specializes in all the usual classic dishes, including coq au vin, salade Nicoise and steak frites.

7 Claude Lane (between Bush and Sutter). 415-392-3505 or

The Cavalier

Conveniently located right next to the Westfield Centre, Anna Weinberg&rsquos British-inspired restaurant features some of the best fish and chips this side of the pond. The English breakfast (available during brunch service) and Scotched duck egg are also fantastic.

Adriano Paganini&rsquos Roman-style pizzeria is a winner for reasonable and reliable Italian fare. In addition to the pizzas, try the fritto misto and kale Caesar salad. Weather permitting, try dining on the heated patio, which offers plenty of great people watching along Yerba Buena Lane.

37 Yerba Buena Lane, 415-872-7363 or

Olives, gin and a comorative glass signify 100 years of business at John's Grill on Friday, Nov. 14, 2008 in San Francisco, Calif. Mike Kepka / The Chronicle 2008

The Yerba Buena location of this local cafe is a perfect choice if you&rsquore dining with a group. Order at the counter, then grab a table and dig in. Menu favorites include the breakfast sandwich, smoked salmon omelet with a side of crispy rosemary-scented hash browns and turkey club.

Ippudo Ramen

You may have to wait in line at the global chain&rsquos first San Francisco restaurant, but you&rsquoll be rewarded for your patience with hearty bowls of ramen, including the Shiromaru classic, featuring a not-too-rich tonkotsu pork broth.

John&rsquos Grill

The Union Square classic rang in its 110th birthday this year. Made famous by the likes of Dashiell Hammett and Jack LaLanne, John&rsquos Grill remains an integral part of San Francisco&rsquos dining scene, whether it&rsquos for a family-friendly dinner or a quiet solo lunch of Dungeness crab and crusty sourdough.

The Chicken Fat Rice at Kin Khao in San Francisco, Calif., is seen on Monday, April 28th, 2014. John Storey / Special to the Chronicle

Pim Techamuanvivit, who divides her time between Bangkok and San Francisco, serves up some of the best Thai food in the Bay Area. Highlights of her &ldquoheritage Thai cooking&rdquo include creamy mushroom-curry mousse served with crispy rice cakes, chicken fat rice with ginger-poached chicken (khao mun gai) and rabbit green curry.

55 Cyril Magnin St. (corner of Mason and Ellis in the Parc 55 Hotel ). (415) 362-7456 or

Mazarine Coffee

Any of the coffee beverages at this Market Street cafe are great for a caffeinated pick-me up, but they also serve stellar renditions of that ever-so California contribution to the global food scene, avocado toast. Their other open-faced toasts, ranging from sweet to savory, are equally good. The smoked salmon is a favorite.

Mikkeller Bar

Just off Market Street, this hip beer hall offers dozens of taps and a well-curated bottle selection, along with brew friendly bites. Try the Sausage sampler platter and the bacon-wrapped little smokies.

Executive Chef Tony Wu tosses noodles at My China restaurant in San Francisco, Calif. on Saturday, January 19th, 2013. John Storey / Special to The Chronicle

Hand-pulled noodles star on the menu at this joint venture between celebrity chef Martin Yan and the owners of Daly City dim sum destination Koi Palace. Other good bets are the wild boar lettuce cups, scissor-cut noodles and crispy roast chicken.

With hummus in the name of the restaurant, the chickpea dip better be great. Don&rsquot worry, it is. At the San Francisco outpost of the popular Palo Alto hummusiya chain, you find nearly a dozen different kinds of hummus (try the masabacha and jaffa-style). There are also a number of other Israeli specialties, including shakshuka and bourekas, along with some of the best pita to be had in the Bay Area. If you&rsquore in a rush, take advantage of the restaurant&rsquos grab-and-go counter.

The bacon blue burger served with seasoned fries at Popsons on Tuesday, June 28, 2016, in San Francisco, Calif. Liz Hafalia / The Chronicle

Even with the imminent arrival of Shake Shack, there&rsquos no shortage of great burgers here in the Bay Area. One of the best, made with Five Dot Ranch beef, can be found at this Market Street burger joint. Along with the burgers, the chili cheese fries are a decadent must-order.

If you&rsquore craving khao mun gai, but can&rsquot score a table at Kin Khao, or if you&rsquore are looking for meal you can grab in a hurry, check-out the Kearny Street location of this popular local chicken-rice chain.

The Rotunda

For a dose of old school Union Square grandeur, make a lunch reservation for the posh dining room inside Neiman Marcus, where you can nibble on blinis with caviar, crab and shrimp Louis and seared ahi tuna Nicoise. The views of Union Square and the department store&rsquos multistory Christmas tree are a delight, but the showstopper is the stained glass ceiling.

150 Stockton St., 415-249-2720, Ext. 2465 or

The Rotunda restaurant looking towards the City of Paris glass dome at Neiman Marcus San Francisco, Calif., on Tuesday, September 8, 2015. Liz Hafalia / The Chronicle 2015

Super Duper Burgers

This local chain is another great spot for fast, affordable and filling eats. Heartier appetites will opt for the standard-sized burger, but the 4-ounce mini-versions hit the spot, especially if you pile on plenty of housemade pickles from serve-yourself jars in the dining room. The chocolate-dipped Straus soft-serve ice cream cones are also great.

721 Market St., 415-538-3437. Also at 783 Mission St. 415-882-1750.

Wise Sons Delicatessen

If it&rsquos chilly out, grab a bowl of matzoh ball soup at the Contemporary Jewish Museum&rsquos outpost of the popular San Francisco deli. For heartier appetites, try the Downtown Special, which features your choice of half-sandwich (go for the trout salad or pastrami) and side of potato salad or coleslaw, along with the soup.

10 Iconic Eats Not to Miss on Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head attracts more than 2 million visitors annually and that means it&rsquos well-equipped to feed the crowds. The area is rich with white tablecloth establishments for world-class wining and dining, dozens of seafood restaurants with alluring water views and plenty of small cafes that offer good, affordable food. Of all these operations, there are a few that have solidified their place in local culinary lore with standout dishes that keep folks coming back for more. Here are 10 iconic Hilton Head eats to try next time you&rsquore living on island time.

Captain Woody&rsquos
Iconic eat: Grouper melt
This casual, lively bar and grill has been a favorite haunt of locals for more than 35 years. Though there are lots of tempting menu options, locals say it&rsquos the grouper melt for the win. Fried, grilled or blackened grouper lands on a brioche bun, where it gets a tantalizing topping of mushrooms, sauteed onions and melted cheese. Decadent and simply delicious. There&rsquos a location in Bluffton, too, if you&rsquore out that way.

CharBar Co.
Iconic eat: Dirty South Burger
If the idea of a chef-driven burger operation sounds intriguing, you better not miss the chance to discover just what it all means. With several &ldquoWorld Burger Championship&rdquo placings under its belt, CharBar is a winner. Though each and every burger is a work of art, the Dirty South Burger combines a mixed media of Southern goodies that have won over legions of local palates. CharBar&rsquos signature beef blend patty is grilled and slathered with pimento cheese, and then crowned with red onions, tomato, pork belly, candied jalapeños and a tasty bourbon barbecue sauce. Served on a brioche bun, this super sandwich made the top 20 in the World Burger Championship. It is sure to make your list of top burgers, too.

Hudson&rsquos Seafood House
Iconic eat: Hush puppies
This local institution, which began as an oyster processing plant in 1912, is a go-to spot for fresh seafood. Go ahead and order up fresh oysters, shrimp and fish, but beware: It will be tough to quit dipping into the complimentary hush puppies. To make matters worse, the hush puppies keep on coming. Served piping hot from the fryer, these golden, crispy-on-the-outside, tender-on-the-inside, savory-sweet nuggets get consistent rave reviews by all who snag a table at this popular restaurant. Slather them with butter or, for added zip, dunk in the accompanying remoulade sauce.

Jane&rsquos Bistro and Bar
Iconic eat: Chicken salad
This charming bistro has the food chops to match the ambiance and that means you&rsquore in for a dining treat. Among the expertly prepared soups, sandwiches and seafood dishes, the chicken salad has piqued the palates of customers who would order it by the gallon if they could. Made with toasted pecans and cranberries, this white meat chicken salad is served over fresh salad greens and sided with bread and fresh fruit for the ultimate light lunch or brunch option. Note: Chicken salad is not on the dinner menu, so plan accordingly.

Lowcountry Backyard
Iconic eat: Banana pudding
It&rsquos so hard to pick a favorite at this bastion of Lowcountry cookery. So, go ahead and indulge in their fabulous shrimp and grits, but make sure to finish up with the banana pudding. This homemade concoction, served in a Mason jar and topped with whipped cream, is the stuff of grandma&rsquos Sunday supper table. Diners sometimes show up just to get a naner puddin&rsquo fix. No doubt about it: Dinner at Lowcountry Backyard is not complete without a helping.

Poseidon Coastal Cuisine
Iconic eat: Tomato pie
Poseidon&rsquos spin on this South Carolina classic delivers heavenly Italian flavor: fresh tomato, Parmesan, mozzarella, garlic and herbs baked in a flaky pie crust. Served brown and bubbly, it&rsquos irresistible and luscious. Though offered as an appetizer, fans often order it as an entree and pair it with a house salad.

Ruby Lee&rsquos South
Iconic eat: Oxtail stew
Part restaurant, part juke joint, Ruby Lee&rsquos is where folks go for a taste of soul food and dishes with a Gullah influence. The oxtail stew is regularly lauded by customers as a rib-sticking wonder. Perfectly seasoned and cooked until the meat is melt-in-your-mouth tender, this dish gets extra heft from sides of white rice and collards.

Sea Shack
Iconic eat: Sweet potato cornbread
This no-frills gem has been filling bellies since 1998 and is considered by many locals to serve the best seafood on Hilton Head Island. Visitors who don&rsquot mind the humble digs will thank the culinary gods for this find. One of the best menu offerings, however, isn&rsquot plucked from the ocean&mdashit&rsquos whipped up in the kitchen using a beloved recipe. The sweet potato cornbread is lightly spiced and cake-like, making it a darling of the Sea Shack crowd. You&rsquoll be won over, too.

Skull Creek Boathouse
Iconic eat: Seafood chowder
By all accounts, this landmark waterfront restaurant makes a mean bowl of chowder. Even Northerners rave about the hearty, creamy soup brimming with shrimp, crab, fish, clams, scallops and potatoes. It&rsquos so popular, you can get it by the pint or quart to enjoy back at your own digs. Pass the crackers.

Squat &lsquon&rsquo Gobble
Iconic eat: The Hangover
The name is funny, but the food is no-nonsense at Squat &lsquon&rsquo Gobble located in Old Town Bluffton. A favorite of the breakfast crowd, this is where locals go for a little restoration after a rousing night on the town. The Hangover&mdasha bowl filled with grits, bacon, sausage, home fries, cheddar, tomatoes and eggs&mdashis just what the doctor ordered for those morning-after slumps. Chow down and rejuvenate your mojo.

Hidden Gems: Louisville Travel Guide

Having grown up in Louisville for 20 years, exploring my hometown is still a favorite pastime.

Whether it is the lush green parks, running trails, nights of live music, or grabbing a drink at a local brewery, this city always has something to do. It caters to an incredible cross-section of people.

Since moving to California, I am always amazed at the responses I get from others when they find out I’m from this great city. Usually comments consist of baseball bats, bourbon, basketball and horse racing come through in conversation.

While that is part of what this city and what Southern hospitality has to offer, it is just the beginning.

I’m always excited to return and eat at my favorite spots. With local restaurants, breweries and revitalized neighborhoods.

Louisville has been named “The Next Portland” and voted “The Best Culinary Scene” in the South by Bon Appetit magazine. This city features load of culture, live music and a European vibe you wouldn’t expect.

Get ready, because Louisville is full of surprises.

Click below to see Melissa’s full Louisville travel guide!

EAT in Louisville

Hillbilly Tea Shack — Originated in Old Louisville near the Whiskey Row revitalization project, they have recently consolidated locations to the Hillbilly Tea Shack on Bardstown Road. Far from the tea rooms that the South is known for, this restaurant feels cozy and rocks a hipster vibe. Featuring seasonal fare, a full loose leaf tea menu and a fresh take on Southern food, this is a must eat while in Louisville. Some of my menu favorites are Pork and Pone, Hillbilly Scramble and the Smoked Catfish. While on a recent visit, I opted for red bush pot of hot tea and ordered the duck biscuit burger and roasted cornish hen for a sampling of entrees. The service, atmosphere and food have no comparison in Louisville.

Ghyslain is a perfect lunch or breakfast stop. With two locations in the city, this spot is the closest thing you’ll find to a Parisian cafe in Louisville. Specializing in gourmet crafted chocolate and pastry all the menu items are given special attention and feature their homemade bread. I suggest ordering the Italian baguette and surveying the dessert case for a delicious treat to top off your meal.

The Village Anchor is one of my favorite places to go for a special occasion. Located in the heart of historic Anchorage, this restaurant has stunning decor in a historic home. With double-faced stone hearth fireplaces, two enclosed patios, beautiful molding and a touch of Southern charm, you won’t forget this meal. Some of the menu items include apricot-bourbon glazed pork chop, cast-iron scallops, shrimp and grits, buttermilk fried chicken and roasted cornish hen. No matter what you order, you will be satisfied and looking forward to your next dining experience here.

El Taco Luchador is a new favorite. Featuring a variety of tacos with toppings, this small storefront on Baxter Avenue is charming. With a quirky decor of Mexican wrestling masks and bright colors, a friendly staff and affordable fare, this place is the perfect lunch spot. While there I ordered the chicken tinga and baja fish tacos with a side of sweet potato fries. Tacos range from $2-3 each with delicious homemade toppings.

Harvest is a restaurant unlike any other in the city. Based on the belief that you really should know where your food comes from, this restaurant is 80% sourced by farms within 100 miles. In the restaurant you will find an art installation featuring an area map, the stories of all the farmers and what they source to the restaurant. Every time I eat here, you know the employees love their jobs, are passionate about food and desire to give you the ultimate “farm-to-table” dining experience. Three individuals share the ownership of the restaurant. One a restaurateur, one a farmer and one an executive chef, making sure they work together to stay true to the restaurant’s core values and passions. During the winter season, my favorite menu picks are the homemade pretzels with Kentucky Ale beer cheese as an appetizer and the gnocchi with roasted root vegetables and kale.

Anchorage Café is my favorite café in the city. This café has a firm belief that good food should be kept simple, allowing each ingredient to shine. This is the perfect spot for breakfast or lunch and has been doing farm-to-table fare before it was in vogue. If you’re there for breakfast, I recommend ordering my favorite, the egg sandwich on a house buttermilk chive biscuit topped Kenny’s Farmhouse cheddar cheese. The best part with a side of balsamic dressed strawberries your breakfast will cost around $4.50. Have a lunch meeting? The farm burger has been rated the best burger in the city for years. Served on a homemade pretzel roll with a side of homemade pickles, it doesn’t disappoint. Make sure to dine out front on the brick patio under the shade of trees as the sunlight shimmers in, providing the perfect ease into the morning or break in the middle of your work day.

Mojito Tapas — If I’m celebrating someone’s birthday you will find me here. This is my favorite spot in the city for small plates and tapas. As you begin the evening I can’t recommend ordering the mojito enough. This restaurant makes one of the best mojitos I have ever had, complete with sprigs of fresh mint and a stalk of raw sugarcane. I’ll spend the whole night here ordering rounds upon rounds of tapas with friends, enjoying the evening and great conversations around the table. Their tapas are authentic to Spanish flavors and depth. If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to ordering, start with the duck confit flatbread, albondigas, queso fundido and solomillo al cabrales.

DRINK in Louisville

Homemade syrups + the best brunch: Gralehaus — Want a strawberry basil iced latte? How about a maple walnut? At the Gralehaus, this brunch spot takes their coffee seriously with artisanal homemade syrups featuring fresh flavors from their outdoor garden. The only café in the city to feature Intelligentsia beans and an under mounted with taps espresso machine, Gralehaus is pioneering new flavors in specialty coffee and changing the barista and client experience.

The Best Chai: Sunergos Coffee — This chai tea latte is one of the best that I’ve ever had. All of their batches are made from scratch. I’ve had many chai lattes but this one has the perfect combination of peppery bite, sweetness of cinnamon and star anise and the smoothness of the cardamom. Head to the original location on Preston Street and experience this quirky shop for yourself.

Best local chain: Heine Brothers Coffee — My meeting spot was always Heine Brothers. With great specialty drinks and beautiful interiors, their stores have multiple locations throughout Louisville and Southern Indiana. Not feeling Starbucks but don’t want to deal with the traffic on Bardstown Rd or Baxter? Head to a Heine Brothers.

Best latte that tastes like a signature libation: Vint Coffee — When it comes to Kentucky we’re known for our bourbon and the signature drink of The Kentucky Derby, the Mint Julep. Head to Vint on Frankfort Avenue for The Vint Julep to discover what this flavor tastes like in a latte. I think you might be pleasantly surprised. Using Kentucky Bourbon Barrel raw sugar and peppermint syrup, it has subtle nuances making a lovely ode to its classic counterpart.


Great Flood Brewery: Louisville is full of breweries and bars. There is one that I have come to love and is set apart. What happens when someone learns how to play the stock market during the economic downturn and has a passion for making homebrewed beer? Great Flood Brewery is born. Inspired by history and discovering what brought about the local spirit of the city, Great Flood Brewery is a tribute to the Louisville’s Great Flood of 1937. In the interior of the bar you will find that it was a labor of love for the owners, building everything in the brewery themselves, from the cherry bars to the handcrafted taps, to the recently opened beer garden. All the beers are handcrafted and range from $4-5 dollars a pint. I’m always inspired to create, innovate and exchange ideas with friends over a pint. Maybe you will begin to abide by the Mayor’s Manifesto from 1937 as well, which states, “I will not complain. I will not spread bad news. I will be encouraging, helpful and friendly. I will work unselfishly. I will give all that I can. I will do my part toward building a better and a greater Louisville. & I dare you to catch me not smiling.” Not bad words of advice, whether you’re in a flood or finding your day full of sunshine.

EXPLORE — Things to do in louisville

After all that food it’s time to go work some of it off right! Throughout the city you will find loads of green spaces perfect for whatever outdoor adventure your heart desires.

For great running paths (distance, trail running, kayaking), The Parklands of Floyds Fork. It isn’t uncommon for me to want to go and do some serious miles. The Parklands of Floyds Fork offers just that. Whether you’re looking to run trails or looking for paved paths of serious consequence, Floyds Fork provides a beautiful landscape of rolling hills, shade trees and creek to explore. Recently they also offer kayaking along the fork and various rentals to enjoy some time on the water. Perfect for those who are just beginning their kayaking skills, they offer a variety of hourly rental rates and tours.

Anchorage Trail (in the city, but feels like nature): Located near Anchorage Café and The Village Anchor, this trail is one of my favorites for short distances and a quick run (2.25 mi loop). With beautiful stone bridges and wildflower meadows, this trail puts your heart at peace, as you take in nature and feeling hidden from the suburban sprawl of it’s surroundings.

21 C Hotel and Gallery: Located downtown, Louisville was the first city with the 21 C hotel concept. Since then it has expanded to several other Southern Cities. Featuring a beautiful collection of contemporary art, it is available for public viewing without any entrance fee. Make sure you head to the rotating galleries on the left, as you discover some new artisans that will push your ideas of creativity.

Big Four Pedestrian Bridge: Located along the Ohio River, this bridge was recently opened and spans between the Kentucky and Indiana sides of the river. With restaurants and bike rentals on both sides, it is perfect for summer days. This is also the spot of Waterfront Wednesdays as described below.

Waterfront Wednesdays: If you happen to visit on the first Wednesday of the month between March and November, make sure to head to the Big Four Lawn for Waterfront Wednesday. This event is hosted by 91.9 WFPK, the well-known independent radio station in the city. Sponsored by Grey Goose Brewing and local vendors, live music starts at 6 PM and continues until 10 PM. Arrive early for parking and finding the perfect picnic spot. Enjoy live music, some delicious food and sunset over the river.

Murals by Bryan Todd: Bryan Todd, a well known typographer, creates beautiful typography murals around the city. Make sure to check out his murals in the Highlands, NuLu district and Shelby Park.

Urban Bourbon Trail: Kentucky is known for one thing, Bourbon. With its recent rise in popularity, Louisville has developed quite the Urban Bourbon Trail. With a series of bars and restaurants, this offers a wide selection of bourbon tasting. Make sure to visit Maker’s Mark Bourbon house on 4th Street.

Forecastle Music Festival: Hosted every July, this is the largest music festival you will find outside of the Chicago area for the summer music festival season. In past years headliners have included Outkast, Beck, The Avett Brothers and The Black Keys. Pack plenty of water and wear breezy clothes to stay cool in the humid summer heat.

SHOP in louisville

Head to Bardstown Road, the NuLu District, Frankfort Avenue and Baxter Avenue for most of the places on this list. There are loads of local shops, boutiques, restaurants and bars to choose from in these areas.

Just Creations: Featuring artisans from around the world and fair-trade products, this store on Frankfort Avenue showcases gifts, woven baskets and home goods. Make sure to stop in here for one-of-a-kind items.

Carmichael’s Books: Featuring local books, authors and an incredible children’s selection, Carmichael’s is a place you could spend hours. Grab a Heine Brothers coffee, right next door and enjoy looking at all the unique finds. My favorite pick is the A-Zs of Louisville illustrated children’s books, perfect for my niece.

Peace of the Earth: Located on Market street in the NuLu district, this local bath and body store makes amazing products. My favorite product is their homemade soap in rosemary and mint scent. They feature purchasing their salts and soaps by weight to save on cost and excess packaging.

Why Louisville: If you’ve fallen in love with Louisville by the end of your visit, make sure to stop at Why Louisville for a non-cliche souvenir. Featuring graphic tees and posters, this store on Bardstown Rd and smaller location in NuLu, have beautiful designs inspired by this great city and completed by local designers.

CakeFlour Bakery: Featuring vegan and gluten-free items, this bakery is delicious and affordable. They frequently feature Groupon deals, so make sure to check the app on your phone before arriving. If you stop by order the brownie. Made with dark chocolate nibs it is fudgy and delicious.

Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft: Located downtown, this museum provides a window into the artisanal culture of our state. Taking you through Kentucky history of makers and doers, you will be inspired by the rich culture this museum features.

Louisville ROAD TRIPS

3 hours: Red River Gorge, Ky.: This is the perfect spot for all of your weekend camping trips, backpacking and world-renowned climbing. Make sure to purchase a $9 backwoods permit from the Shell gas station when you arrive if you are planning on backpacking.

Shaker Village, Versailles, Ky.: Developed by the Shakers in the 1800s, this space is preserved as the historic village that it once was. Come and get your fill of history, delicious food and nature. Expect a 2 hour drive with Lexington traffic.

Thanks so much for sharing your Louisville Hidden Gems, Melissa!

The Ultimate Guide to Augusta

1102 Broad St., Augusta

Like the best mullets, this place is business in the front (the restaurant) and a party in the back (the bar). Great place to hang out, drink and people watch, and if they open the garage doors on the side of the building, that means the party has really started.

Augustino’s Italian Eatery & Prime Steaks
2 10th St., Augusta

Located inside the Marriott, the pasta bar is a lunch favorite of downtown office workers, but the soothing atmosphere and clubby bar area makes this the perfect spot for happy hour. Stay long enough and the wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen will get to you, making dinner here hard to resist.

Bar on Broad
917 Broad St., Augusta

Dance club with a nice lounge area full of comfortable seating. Word has it that one of the bartenders is from Miami and can put on a Tom Cruise in “Cocktail” type show for you… if you ask nicely.

Beamie’s at the River
865 Reynolds St., Augusta

It may be on the Savannah River, but the great seafood and laid-back atmosphere are more like visiting a beloved beach shack. A local favorite. They have beer, oysters and good service, so it’s no wonder.

The Bee’s Knees
211 10th St., Augusta

Nightly drink specials, eclectic tapas menu, an ever-changing beer and wine list and a menu of unique cocktails in an artsy, cosmopolitan atmosphere. The buffalo tempeh will make you want to become a vegetarian… almost, and Sunday brunch is a must. Even better: All their weekly drink specials are in effect on Sundays.

Blue Sky Kitchen
990 Broad St., Augusta

Southern fusion cuisine featuring eclectic dishes from around the globe. Full bar, friendly wait staff, excellent location. Live music on the weekends, nightly specials and more.

The Boar’s Head Public House
1135 Broad St., Augusta

A traditional English pub run by confirmed Anglophile Chris Anderson and his mother Musa, who serve great dishes like fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, steak and Guinness pie and more. And pints are the traditional British 20 ounces instead of the American 16. And they may not be traditional British, but the fried mushrooms are fantastic.

The Boll Weevil
10 Ninth St., Augusta

Voted Best Dessert in Augusta several years running, largely on the strength of their 7th Heaven Cake. The rest of the menu is not bad either, not to mention the charming décor, but definitely save room for cake or pie. A lot of room because the slices are massive.

Brick Pond Market
89 Crystal Lake Drive, North Augusta

Located in the picturesque neighborhood of Hammond’s Ferry, this cafe serves lunch, early dinner and coffee Tuesdays-Saturdays. Food is light and Italian inspired, and they offer a book swap (bring one of your own exchange for one already there) and a small market. Desserts are rumored to be fantastic, and the market recently added Saturday brunch from 10-11:30 a.m.

The Cotton Patch
816 Cotton Lane, Augusta

Nice patio reminiscent of New Orleans, friendly service and good drink specials. If you’re lucky, or not so lucky, while sitting outside you can be entertained (for better or worse) by the karaoke from Mi Rancho.

Craft & Vine
1204B Broad Street, Augusta

The feel of a Prohibition-era lounge with great food. It’s not surprising the food is so good, since it’s owned by Sean Wight, owner of Froghollow Tavern and Farmhaus Burgers. Look for late-night happy hour specials after 10 p.m. and a surprising array of wines by the glass, thanks to their cutting-edge preservation system. Or, as some people like to call it, the wall of wine.

Eagle’s Nest
640 Broad St., Augusta

A forgotten gem sitting atop The Ramada, the Eagle’s Nest is a bit of a throwback to another era when it comes to decor. There is, however, a great jukebox full of R&B classics, and what a view! Definitely a place to experience while in Augusta.

1204 Broad St., Augusta

The most whimsical restaurant concept to open in Augusta in a long time (or ever), Farmhaus serves burgers, hot dogs and sides with a side of fun in the form of boozy milkshakes and a full bar. Everything is good here, but check the specials board for the burger and shake of the month and, for cocktails, the Texas Mule can’t be beat. Oh, and if you’re wondering about the cans of beer, it’s because the city of Augusta only recycles cans, not bottles.

Fat Man’s Mill Cafe
1450 Greene St., Augusta

Open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-4 p.m., Fat Man’s still employs Miss Pearl, who has been cooking great Southern food for the Usry family owners since the late 1940s. They still have Pearl’s famous meat and three plates on the menu but have added much more. The “speshul” wraps of the day and the salads are fan faves.

1145 Broad St., Augusta

Good beer and one of the best jukeboxes in town attracts a very diverse, no-frills crowd. You never know what you might see at the Firehouse.

The First Round
210 11th Street, Augusta

Located behind Metro Coffee House and across the street from 1102, which makes bar-hopping pretty easy. Nightly specials, decent location and a diverse lineup of local live music.

The Fox’s Lair
349 Telfair St., Augusta

Augusta’s best-kept secret, this cozy bar is tucked away in the basement of The Olde Town Inn on Telfair Street but is definitely worth finding. Laid back, comfortable and often has live music on Thursday nights.

Frog Hollow Tavern
1282 Broad St., Augusta

The wine list at Frog Hollow, open for dinner Wednesday-Saturday, is massive. Not only that, but the bar features a diverse selection of scotches, cognacs, bourbons and vodkas… classic and seasonal cocktails, all made with fresh squeezed juices and homemade mixes. Oh yeah… they also serve good food, made using mostly local and regionally sourced ingredients.

The Highlander
133 Georgia Ave., North Augusta

The Highlander (downstairs from Wine World if you’re into multitasking) has a food menu that features a Scotch Egg Plate, Shepherd’s Pie and other traditional pub foods — all that and a full bar to boot. Just watch the steps on your way out. They can be tricky to navigate after a few pints.

Joe’s Underground
144 8th St., Augusta

After a day of eating pimento cheese sandwiches at the Masters, come down to Joe’s and round out your culinary experiences with a fried baloney sandwich. Good food, especially the homemade soups at lunch, and good drinks, with live music many nights.

Kitchen 1454
1454 Walton Way, Augusta

Open for breakfast and lunch, this may look like your average diner, but it’s definitely not. Using as many locally sourced ingredients as possible, the management turns meat and three on its head with main dishes like Coca-Cola Braised Pulled pork, braised greens and roasted beets. Be sure to check the board above the counter for daily specials.

Kroc Center Cafe
1833 Broad St., Augusta

The Kroc Center is a fitness facility, pool, community center and more that offers guest passes to use the equipment. But anyone can visit the center to partake in the wonderful food served cafeteria style for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The lunch menu changes daily and includes items like Italian meatloaf and shrimp and grits. Grill items are served at lunch and dinner.

La Maison on Telfair
404 Telfair St., Augusta

Fine dining in Olde Town courtesy of Chef Heinz Sowinski, who will make you feel comfortable whether you choose to visit the dining room or Veritas Wine and Tapas Bar. Either way, order the crab tower or anything made with wild game. Their wine list has also garnered acclaim from Wine Spectator magazine.

The Loft
927 Broad St., Augusta

Good selection of beers, decent dance floor, pool tables and good people watching. Good service and reasonable prices, too.

590 Broad St., Augusta

In business since 1949, what can be said about Luigi’s that you don’t already know? This place stays packed during Masters Week so be prepared to wait, or call ahead for reservations. And while the Italian and Greek offerings are favorites, you really should try the chopped steak provolone.

Manuel’s Bread Café
505 Railroad Ave., North Augusta

Open for lunch during the week and all three meals on weekends, this French bistro has an extensive beer and wine menu and uses organically grown ingredients from down the street’s Blue Clay Farms in their ever-changing food menu. Reservations recommended, especially during Masters Week.

Mellow Mushroom
1167 Broad St., Augusta

A wide selection of beer on tap with nightly specials offered. Nice patio at the downtown location makes for great people watching while you wait for your pie. The food is great and don’t forget to pick up the coolest Masters T-shirt in town, available at both locations. This week look for live music on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, Happy Hour from 3-6 p.m. daily with other drink specials offered as well, and Masters-themed trivia on Tuesday from 8-10 p.m. After the Umphrey’s McGee shows at the Riverwalk on Monday, they’ll also throw an after party with live music from AcostA and will be open until 2 a.m.

Metro Pub & Coffeehouse
1054 Broad St., Augusta

Definitely not your traditional coffee house. More of a bar, really, but a great place to hang out and have a few drinks while playing pool or working on your laptop.

Nacho Mama’s
976 Broad St., Augusta

Great food, excellent prices and good margaritas. Anything you order will be delicious, especially if it includes their mango habanero salsa. The outside tables, if you’re lucky enough to get one, are a great place to sit and people watch. Visit Tuesday night at 5:30 and take a run with the group that meets there weekly before indulging afterwards.

O’Donovan’s Irish Pub & Restaurant
1002 Broad St., Augusta
706- 524-7321

Ireland has come to the corner of 10th and Broad, where customers can find traditional pub fare like bangers and mash, corned beef and cabbage and the Ploughman’s Lunch served in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Live Irish music is featured many nights during the week.

Pauley’s Steakhouse
1022 Broad St., Augusta

A very small spot serving very good food. The menu is old-school continental and features lobster bisque, shrimp cocktail, steaks, fish and lamb. The wine bar offers all the pairings you’ll need.

The Playground
978 Broad St., Augusta

Live music venue showcasing mostly punk and rock bands. They also have drink specials and trivia/open mic/karaoke through the week.

Pizza Joint
1245 Broad St., Augusta

With additional locations in Evans, Aiken and Columbia, S.C., the Pizza Joint has become well-loved for their slices, an impressive beer menu and nightly specials. The sandwiches, however, are worth straying from the norm for — especially the DeVito and the Big Mike.

Sky City
1157 Broad St., Augusta

Named after one of Augusta’s former department stores, Sky City has a little bit of something for everyone Masters Week — Funk You and Kinky Aphrodisiacs on Monday, April 7 and Liddle Ugleez on Friday, April 11 And it’s non-smoking!

Soul Bar
984 Broad St., Augusta

A downtown institution offering good music, an interesting crowd and a great bar. Dance the night away or just hang out and drink. Either way, be sure to pick up a T-shirt.

Soy Noodle House
1032 Broad St., Augusta

Serving a blend of Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisine (the Boh Boon Vietnamese noodle salad is great), Soy Noodle House also has a wide variety of beer, wine, liquor and sake. They now serve sushi at night as well.

The Sports Center
594 Broad St., Augusta

If you can’t get a table at Luigi’s, Sports Center has some of the best burgers in town. Beer, burgers and pool tables. Who says entertainment has to be expensive and high-brow?

Stillwater Taproom
974 Broad St., Augusta

A great place to drink. Happy hour specials every day from 4-6 p.m., drink specials every night, laid back atmosphere, live music on the weekends and rocking chairs out front. And they’ll call in an order for you from Nacho Mama’s. What more can you ask for?

Sweet Lou’s Crab Shack
1293 Broad St., Augusta

A beach shack that’s not much on looks (although the brightly painted signs and artwork are kind of cool) but makes up for it with good, cheap food and good, cheap beer. Try the shrimp and grits.

Tipsy McStumbles
214 7th St., Augusta

Open for lunch on the weekdays and the party doesn’t stop until late in the evening. Check out the waitresses on the bar’s Facebook page, and suddenly it makes sense why none of the guys want to leave. For the girls, this is a surprisingly well-ventilated bar, which means you won’t end up smelling like an ashtray. And now that the serve food, there’s really no need to leave.

Whiskey Bar (Kitchen)
1048 Broad St., Augusta

A bar that prides itself on its selection of whiskey, this spot also happens to serve a mean burger. The Elway, Cali and Breakfast burgers are all great, but you gotta try the TCB: beef burger topped with peanut butter, bananas, honey and bacon. If it’s good enough for the King, it’s good enough for you!

West Augusta

Andrew’s Place
231 Fury’s Ferry Rd., Augusta

A night of entertainment is never far away when Andrew’s Place is open, and Andrew’s is open seven nights a week. Great food is available here, especially on Wednesdays, which is $5 steak night. But there’s also something going on every night, from karaoke to ladies night to live entertainment. Aaron Brock, one of the best bartenders in town, will definitely take good care of you.

Bar West
3631 Walton Way Ext., Augusta

An upscale martini bar and lounge with a great covered patio. That patio is a great place to spend happy hour, which is daily from 4:30-8:30 p.m. and includes specials such as two for one house wines and sangria.

Carolina Ale House
203 Robert C. Daniel Jr. Pkwy., Augusta

Always crowded, this popular sports bar has a great outdoor patio that still includes access to multiple televisions. The menu is what you’d expect from a sports bar, but is updated seasonally.

Chevy’s Niteclub
3328 Washington Rd., Le Pavilion Shopping Center

The former Cadillacs is under new ownership and management, but is the same great place to hear live bands and DJs while dancing and having a few drinks.

The Country Club
2834 Washington Rd., Augusta

A massive club with several bars around the perimeter of an enormous stage and dance floor. It’s a party every night of the week during Masters Week, with live music, DJs and dance lessons. Not to mention drinks, of course.

Crazy Turks Pizza
2910 Washington Rd., Augusta

Crazy Turks has crazy good pizza, calzones and other Italian and Greek offerings. They offer a lunch buffet Monday-Friday and live music and/or karaoke most night.

Cue n’ Brew
2852 Washington Rd., Augusta

Located behind the Taco Bell on Washington Rd., this is a laid-back spot where visitors can drink beer and play pool in peace.

Diablo’s Southwest Grill
3668 Wheeler Road, Augusta

It may look like a chain, but Diablo’s is a locally owned fast-cause take on Mexican and Southwest cuisine. Of course they offer standbys like tacos, burritos, queso and chips, but they also delve into more inventive fare as well. Try the lamb barbacoa, spice rubbed then wrapped in plantain leave and braised for eight hours. Like them on Facebook for frequent specials and chances to win.

DiChickO’s Peri-Peri Cafe
2825 Washington Road, Augusta

Located inside New Life Natural Foods in the Fairway Square Shopping Center, DiChickO’s makes its own peri-peri sauces in house and slathers them generous on lunch offerings, which include salads and sandwiches. Their sweet and just a tad bit spicy chicken salad is amazing, but you can’t really go wrong here. Even better news is that there’s a juice bar nearby to round out the healthy offering offered here.

Doubletree Hotel
2651 Perimeter Pkwy., Augusta

This hotel has a great bar with nightly drink specials, but Friday night is the one not to miss. That’s when the massive restaurant, which spreads out into the lobby by a charming fountain, holds its all-you-can-eat seafood and prime rib buffet. The crab legs and sushi are great, but don’t forget to save room for dessert.

Edgar’s Grille
3165 Washington Rd., Augusta

Since opening a little over a year ago, this upscale, New American restaurant has wowed guests with its dinner menu, cocktails and wine list. Then there’s the décor, which is beautiful and features a chef’s table in the kitchen and a California-inspired patio. Even more impressive is that a portion of the proceeds go to Goodwill Industries and the Helms College Culinary School. A new feature is jazz on Thursday evenings with great happy hour specials on drinks and food.

French Market Grille West
360 Fury’s Ferry Rd., Martinez

What started as an offshoot of French Market Grille in Surrey Center has turned into a restaurant with an ownership and vibe all its own. The Cajun-Creole food is still the best in town, though, and Tuesday’s crab leg special remains a local favorite.

2834 Washington Rd., Augusta

Like all Hooters are around the country during big sporting events, quite the show. The heavy hitters are brought in to separate you from your cash. A real Masters Week headquarters hang out long enough and we’re sure you’ll see John Daly.

Limelite Café
1137 Agerton Lane, Augusta

A little local secret? Many of those who go to movies across the street start their night here with mild-yaki wings (a mixture of mild and teriyaki) or another bar snack and one (or two) of the many, many beers they offer on tap or by the bottle. We suggest you do the same.

Prime 1079
1069 Stevens Creek Rd., the Sheraton Hotel, Augusta

Located in the Sheraton right off Washington Road, local fans swear that Prime 1079 serves some of the best steaks in town. Also open for breakfast and lunch, every Friday night is Fresh Lobster Friday. The adjacent Sweetwater Lounge offers snacks and drinks.

Rae’s Coastal Cafe
3208 West Wimbledon Dr., Augusta

Hard to find for the newcomer, this neighborhood restaurant (literally) has a menu chocked full of Caribbean and Key West themed seafood items. There’s a putting green in the back while you wait for your coconut shrimp or jerk chicken.

3051 Washington Rd., Augusta

Think you’ve had good fried shrimp baskets at the beach? No comparison to local institution Rhinehart’s. This flagship location actually started out as a small house and has grown to one of the most popular restaurant/bars in the area. Decidedly decrepit (more like purposely) this is one fun place to hang. Picnic tables both inside and out, and all forms of delicious seafood and drinks.

Robbie’s Sports Bar
2834 Washington Rd., Augusta

A true old school pool hall popular with the locals. Good bar food, a dance floor and band during Masters, plus a sea of dimly lit pool tables.

Roadrunner Cafe
2821 Washington Rd., Augusta

Locals who love the Peach Orchard Road original are thrilled that a second location has opened on Washington Road. You will too when you see that their happy hour, from 3-6 p.m., features 50 cent wings and shrimp and $1 domestic draft beer.

300 Shartom Dr., Augusta

Tucked just off Washington Road, this neighborhood bar has been around for longer than most can remember. Intimate, with a fun, cozy feel — It will make you think you’ve stepped into your local pub. Surprisingly great food to go along with the drinks.

Somewhere in Augusta
2820 Washington Rd., Augusta

A bizarre name for a sports bar to be sure. This booming spot started out as a small pub in a crack across from the National. It moved a few years ago and grew up. Big time. Walls of TVs, a great menu and sweet location make this a favorite stop for Masters guests.

The Snug
240 Davis Rd., Augusta

A pretty little restaurant that serves dinner six nights a week. Sure, they serve chicken and seafood, but beef is the real star here and the Black N’ Blue, topped with blue cheese and a blueberry-port sauce, is the steak to order. Don’t forget to order the crab dip, though, and their martinis might be good, but we love their margaritas. Which kind? Doesn’t matter.

Texas Roadhouse
107 Sherwood Drive, Augusta

Located just off Washington Road (just behind Lucy’s Laundry, in case you need an inviting atmosphere in which to do your laundry), Texas Roadhouse recently opened to much fanfare. And why not? They have great steaks, amazing ribs, margaritas to die for and much more, all in a fun but family friendly atmosphere.

TGI Friday’s
2800 Washington Rd., Augusta

Open every day at 11 a.m., Friday’s never fails to satisfy, especially when diners order something from their Jack Daniel’s Grill menu. Going on now: Order one starter, one entrée and one dessert and pay $12.99. In addition, members of the military get 25 percent off on Saturdays.

Wild Wing Café
3035 Washington Rd., Augusta

Just on the other side of I-20 on Washington Road, this mega mega bar restaurant is built for crowds. The parking lot alone is big enough to park all the patrons from Rhode Island. Big is the key word here, with live music seven days a week on two stages. Masters Week isn’t for amateurs here.

The Hill

5 O’Clock Bistro
2111 Kings Way, Augusta

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, and this bistro has an impressive wine list and a creative selection of original and classic libations to choose from during cocktail hour. The food menu will not disappoint, either, and changes regularly so everything stays fresh and exciting. Also open for lunch.

Bistro 491
491 Highland Ave., Surrey Center, Augusta

Fancy food with a sense of humor in popular Surrey Center, Bistro 491’s menu is inventive and changes seasonally. Their vegetarian dishes (especially the ricotta gnocchi) are just as good as their steaks, and their drinks and desserts are decadent to say the least. Best of all? They don’t require fancy dress to go along with the fancy food.

Buona Caffe Artisan Roasted Coffee
1858 Central Avenue, Augusta

Augusta’s only local coffee roaster, who has long supplied coffee to area restaurants and caterers, recently opened a coffee and espresso bar that also serves locally made treats.

Calvert’s Restaurant
475 Highland Ave., Surrey Center, Augusta

Calvert’s in Surrey Center has been around for 30 years, so they must be doing something right. Augusta’s go-to restaurant for special occasions, Calvert’s serves continental fare and reservations are highly suggested.

Club Argos
1923 Walton Way, Augusta

Known to area residents as a gay club, Argos strives to be a fun, safe place for those of all lifestyles. Two bars, one upstairs and one downstairs, ensure that there’s always something going on. Be sure to introduce yourself to Daddy Keith while you’re there. He’s sort of the Den Dad of the place.

Crums on Central
1855 Central Ave., Augusta

Lunch during the week, brunch on the weekends and dinner Tuesday-Sunday, Crums is located in the former Le Cafe du Teau. They kept the relaxing front deck and changed the food from French-Creole to upscale Southern with a twist. It’s probably the only place in town that has deviled eggs and boiled peanuts on the menu, and where you can top your pizza with squash casserole. Also keep an eye out for the restaurant’s food truck this week.

Finch & Fifth
379 Highland Avenue, Augusta

Sexy food that’s never heavy, F&F has become know for its cheese and charcuterie plates, roasted Brussels sprouts slaw and delicious cocktails. Try the Gin Jitsu, the homemade ice creams and… breakfast!

French Market Grille
425 Highland Ave., Surrey Center, Augusta

One of the most popular restaurants in Augusta, both during Masters Week and year-round, and owned by local fixtures Chuck and Gail Baldwin. You can’t go wrong with anything on this menu, but be warned: the barbequed shrimp is really spicy. Save room for one of their award-winning desserts and try a martini served in a Mason jar.

Helga’s Pub and Grill
2015 Central Avenue, Augusta

An Augusta institution of sorts, this is the hangout of choice for the city’s medical students. And it’s not difficult to see why. Here you’ll find a wide selection on taps and in bottles, great food (even though it is almost all fried) and a laid-back atmosphere. Trivia here on Saturday nights is a must.

The Indian Queen
2502 Wrightsboro Rd., Augusta

This low-key hangout graces the site of the former Gun Cabinet, an Augusta institution. And this bar, which focuses on specialty drinks made with locally made and infused simple syrups, as well as real fruit and other natural ingredients, is quickly becoming an institution in its own right. During Masters Week, the comfortable bar has extended their patio area, will have additional drink stations and will have the Crums on Central food truck waiting out front. They’ll offer beer, Azaleas and Transfusions, but our recommendation is their take on the Arnold Palmer the delicious JD is made from lemon simple syrup, sweet tea and vodka.

399 Highland Ave., Surrey Center, Augusta

Love the Pizza Joint downtown? Then you’ll be happy to hear that the owners of that popular spot that originated downtown have opened a more upscale restaurant in Surrey Center. Sure, there are pizzas on the menu here, but why not try the pasta, antipasti, entrées or, our fave, the risottos? A comfortable bar has a happy hour that begins at 4 p.m. each day and specialties that include house-made sangria.

The P.I. Bar & Grill at the Partridge Inn
2110 Walton Way, Augusta

This isn’t just any hotel bar… locals hang out here year-round just to grab a spot on the verandah and watch the world go by. Many dishes from the restaurant are available at the bar to snack on while enjoying wine, beer or cocktails, and there’s live music on the weekends. Don’t miss Wine Down Wednesday, which features half off select bottles of wine.

The Purple Cow
1419 Monte Sano Avenue, Augusta

A wonderful neighborhood spot that serves Illy brand coffees and pastries at a great price, and starts up the frozen yogurt machines, complete with a toppings bar, later in the day. The staff is super friendly and though the space is small, no one will rush you out the door.

Sheehan’s Irish Pub
2571 Central Ave., Augusta

Definitely not a traditional Irish pub, but they do have fish and chips and Guinness on tap. Friendly service, great menu (the duck is the best in town), and a full bar in an atmosphere that can get loud and rowdy inside, but is quiet and relaxing out on the enclosed patio.

Surreal at Surrey
469 Highland Ave., Surrey Center, Augusta

A high-energy nightclub and ultralounge which recently opened on the upper level of Surrey Center. Though it has DJs most nights, it also brings in live music on the weekends. Need a place that has bottle service and private VIP parties? Surreal is definitely your spot.

Surrey Tavern
471 Highland Ave., Surrey Center, Augusta

This is one of Augusta residents’ favorite hangouts, probably because it’s been around since 1973 and people who met at the bar and have gotten married now have kids who go there. Known for both for the live local music and the laid-back vibe, the bar as modeled after a traditional pub in Surrey, England. This Surrey Tavern, however, focuses on live R&B, karaoke backed by a live band on Thursdays and a great party atmosphere. This week look for live music from Simplified on Monday, Stewart & Winfield on Tuesday, Tony Williams and the Blues Express on Wednesday and Thursday, Soul Dimensions on Friday, and Playback the Band w/ Tutu D’yvine on Saturday. Wednesday through Saturday, Keith the Piano Man will play on the bar’s back deck.

Tako Sushi
437 Highland Ave., Surrey Center, Augusta

Inventive takes on Japanese and Mexican food. The restaurant is small, loud and totally worth however long the wait is. And the great thing about the wait at this restaurant? Order a drink at the sushi bar and take it out to the sidewalk, where there’s sure to be some fantastic people watching to be had.

Village Deli
2803 Wrightsboro Rd., Augusta

Located in Daniel Village, Village Deli is one of Augusta’s favorite family restaurants that also has a cozy bar in the back for the big kids. The pimiento cheese burger with bacon is a classic, and every single variation of their fries is homemade. The hot chips are especially good, as are the sweet potato fries. Watch out if you decide to introduce yourself to owner Lorna Barrett, though she’ll probably talk you into ad


Augsburg Haus
4460 Washington Rd., Evans

Open for lunch and dinner, but the lunch portions are still huge. And with entrées such as the Schweinebraten, slow-roasted pork with German potato salad, you won’t be able to stop yourself from cleaning your plate. So just make sure you have a comfy napping spot available.

Big Daddy’s Bar & Grill
4045 Jimmie Dyess Parkway, Augusta

Whether you like ribs, chicken or pork, Big Daddy’s has it and a lot more. They also have steaks, burgers, salads and desserts, not to mention a full bar. And it that wasn’t enough, these award-winning barbecuers also offer daily, and nightly, specials.

Bird Dog Grille
3851 Evans to Locks Rd., Fury’s Ferry Station, Martinez

Tucked away in a shopping center off Fury’s Ferry Road, this locally owned restaurant has a strong local following, who love their hot dogs, paninis, salads and wings. The restaurant has a full bar and offers Wine & Dine Steak Night on Wednesdays and Martini Night on Saturdays.

Cadwallader’s Café
106 Davis Rd., Martinez

One of Augusta’s best kept fine dining secrets, this lively restaurant is popular with the locals. Open for dinner, best-bet entrées include any of the trios, whether they be duck, tuna, lamb, scallop or bison.

Emilio’s Italian Eatery
461 Parkwest Drive, Grovetown

It may be in an unusual location (in America’s Best Suites), but Emilio’s is not what you’d expect from a hotel restaurant. Locally owned and benefiting from a classically trained chef, this spot serves homemade Italian food — and we mean homemade, right down to the mayo they use in the Caesar dressing. In addition to great food, Emilio’s has fantastic bar specials and, if you like them on Facebook, you can sometimes get free desserts on the weekend.

Laura’s Backyard Tavern
218 S. Belair Rd., Martinez

For local flavor, there’s no better spot that Laura’s. It may take some work to find it, but, when you do, you’ll find a bar in what looks like a house… a house that serves up drinks, food, live music, games and more.

Laziza Mediterranean Grill
4272 Washington Rd., Evans

Laziza means delicious, so it’s a fitting name for this fast casual restaurant, where patrons order dishes like chicken shawarma, hummus and other middle eastern delicacies at a counter, serve themselves drinks and eat at one of the many tables. If you like your food enough (and you will) Laziza has many of the ingredients they use for sale.

Mai Thai
4272 Washington Rd., Evans

From mild to hot, this Columbia County spot serves up traditional Thai food and drinks in a charming atmosphere.

Mellow Mushroom
4348 Washington Rd., Evans

The downtown location opened 10 years ago this Masters Week, and the Evans location followed in 2008. Both serve great pizzas, snacks, salads, sandwiches and more, with an impressive beer and wine list in a kitschy atmosphere. The hummus and the cinnamon pretzels are two menu favorites.

Neapolitan Cupcake and Gift Shoppe
106 Pleasant Home Rd., Augusta

Distinctive cupcakes in flavors such as key lime pie, salted caramel (one of their best), chocolate lovers and peanut butter cup, Neapolitan piles the frosting high and takes orders for special occasions. Their unique selection of gifts will make wonderful souvenirs for the folks back home.

Pho Bac
4300 Towne Center, Evans

Authentic Vietnamese food in Columbia County, with dishes like papaya salad, spring rolls and, of course, pho. Deciding what to try might be difficult because of the large menu, but you’ll be rewarded with large portions and a small bill. And instead of Waffle House, fans say pho is the perfect hangover food, so that’s good to know.

Best of Raleigh: Shopping

bevello was founded in Raleigh with contemporary, affordable pieces. My favorite part of bevello is the goal to empower women through style and customer service. Located in Cameron Village & Crabtree Valley Mall.

Charlotte’s Inc was one of the first boutiques I shopped at in Raleigh and is my favorite spot for a traditional gift or a fun spring outfit. I get major style inspiration from their Instagram account. It’s a Raleigh staple with locations in Cameron Village and North Hills.

The eclectic, fun shop Deco features the work of more than 75 local artisans and makers. The shop strives to be an adventure every time with products that will make you laugh out loud. It is a must-shop boutique in downtown Raleigh.

Edge of Urge focuses on building relationships with independent and small designers from all over the country. The shop is guaranteed to introduce you to new brands you’ll love and the owners’ passion for North Carolina is one of my favorite qualities about the shop, located in Mordecai.

The Flourish Market has evolved over time from a fashion truck to a brick and mortar. Just this week, Emily announced not only a new space that will feature a coffee shop, but also a co-working space as well. I love her message of empowerment for women and her commitment to helping women achieve their dreams. You are sure to leave her shop inspired by her and her team. Currently located on Glenwood South but moving to the Warehouse District in May!

It’s no secret that I love a good paper product, and If It’s Paper is the perfect spot for that. I love the story behind this stationary and gift shop and its location right off Wade Ave.

The Local Squirrel features many products by local and small makers with a focus on North Carolina specific gifts. Rachael’s love for beautiful and thoughtful gifts is evident in the carefully curated collection right in Cameron Village.

Monkee’s of Raleigh is the perfect spot for a swanky outfit or accessory for an event. I love their collection of Mignonne Gavigan earrings and they carry some of my favorite clothing designers like Alice & Trixie and Gal Meets Glam.

I aspire to be a plant lady and the Zen Succulent helps me believe that I can accomplish that goal. The Zen Succulent is my happy place and I could spend all afternoon learning about the plants in the shop. They also carry the cutest gifts and unique supplies for your plants. The Raleigh shop is located right on Wilmington Ave in downtown Raleigh.

Minneapolis Breweries

Beer lovers, rejoice! At the time of this writing, Minneapolis has an incredible 33 craft breweries. Here’s our guide to every single one.

56 Brewing

Over time, 56 Brewing has come a long way. We first visited this taproom in its early days, when their primary marketing efforts were Groupon sales hoping to coax people into a tiny, difficult to find warehouse location.

Today, 56 Brewing has expended into a beautiful taproom in Minneapolis’s trendy Northeast neighborhood, and they’ve even started canning some of their most popular varieties!

Northeast Nectar (Honey Wheat Ale) or Nosehair Bender (Dry Hopped IPA)

3055 Columbia Ave NE Ste 102
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55418-1860

612 Brew

945 Broadway St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

Able Seedhouse + Brewery

1121 Quincy St. NE, Minneapolis MN55413

Wednesday 3-11p
Thursday 3-11p
Friday 12-11p
Saturday 12-11p
Sunday 12-8p

Bauhaus Brew Labs

For our money, Bauhaus has one of the coolest brewery taprooms in the city.

The old warehouse building just oozes character. Inside, you’ll concrete floors, graffiti walls, and old machinery lifts. Outside? A beautiful patio with original brick walls, green landscaping, and even more rustic warehouse touches. It’s an impressive sight sure to woo any local or out-of-towner alike.

Wonderstuff (Bohemian Pilsener)

Stargrzer (German Schwarzbier)

1315 Tyler Street NE
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413

Monday-Thursday: 4pm-11pm
Friday: 3pm-11pm
Saturday: 12pm-11pm

Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative

3134 California Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

Monday: 4pm – 10pm
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 4pm – 10pm
Thursday: 4pm – 10pm
Friday: 2pm – 12pm
Saturday: 12-12
Sunday: 11-8

Clockwerks Brewing

Clockwerks Brewing specializes in drinkable, sessionable beers in a low-key setting. We’re not sure if it’s the intimate bar, the tasteful string lights, or the pool table in the back, but the Cockwerks taproom gives off the unmistakable vibe of a casual hangout. And that’s just fine by us.

25 N 4th St, Minneapolis, MN 55401

  • Sunday 2–8PM
  • Monday 4–10PM
  • Tuesday 4–10PM
  • Wednesday 4–10PM
  • Thursday 4–10PM
  • Friday 3PM–12AM
  • Saturday 12PM–12AM

Dangerous Man Brewing

In the hoop-la of ever expanding flashy taprooms, Dangerous Man Brewing might fly under the radar.

That’d be a mistake though. Ask any Twin Cities beer connoisseur, and they’ll consistently include Dangerous Man in their short list of best beer in the cities. The rotating taps here consistently have delicious options across the entire tasting spectrum. Fans of everything from chocolate milk stouts to light fruit cobbler are sure to find something they like here.

Local's Tip: You won't find any food at Dangerous Man, but that doesn't matter. The staff here is totally cool with you bringing and eating whatever you like.

Whether that's the amazing pizza next door at Young Joni, the awesome fish and chips down the street at Anchor Fish and Chips, or even just a burger from the nearby McDonald's. Go ahead, have a few Dangerous brews while you decide.

1300 NE 2nd St, Minneapolis, MN 55413

  • Tuesday 4pm – 10pm
  • Wednesday 4pm – 10pm
  • Thursday 3pm – 10pm
  • Friday 3pm – 12am
  • Saturday 12pm – 12am
  • Sunday 12pm – 8pm

Day Block Brewing Company

Housed in a building originally built in 1883, Day Block’s current owner first began restoration of the building in 2005. By 2014, Day Block Brewing opened to the world, with a promise of serving fresh beer and delicious pizza.

Here you’ll find a rotating beer list with pizza, salads, and sandwiches served in a brewpub vibe.

1105 Washington Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55415

Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday – Wednesday: 11am – 10pm
Thursday – Saturday: 11am – 1am
Sunday: 11am – 9pm

Eastlake Craft Brewery

Eastlake Blueliner (American Pale Ale)

920 E Lake St #123, Minneapolis, MN 55407

Fair State Brewing Cooperative

2506A Central Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418

Falling Knife Brewing Co.

Falling knife is one of the newer breweries in Minneapolis. Opening in Summer 2019, this brewery opened to rave reviews from Twin Cities beer fans, and the owners already have plans to begin their owning canning process.

Get to this soon, and you can say you caught the Falling Knife before it was cool!

783 Harding Street NE #100
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Finnegans Brew Company

If a classic Irish pub were to mix with a state-of-the-art brewery taproom, you’d have Finnegan’s. Dark wood-paneled bars meet views of the hundred gallon brewing tanks. And in true Minnesota microbrewery style, there’s a huge patio that opens up when the weather’s nice.

Grab yourself their micro take on an Irish Ale, and you’ll start planning your return trip for the St. Paddy’s day party.

817 S 5th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404

Fulton Beer

Fulton is a Minneapolis classic.

It seems like the small indoor taproom, which sits in the shadow of nearby Target Field, has been serving up Lonely Blondes since before microbreweries were really a thing.

Over time, Fulton’s other offerings have built up passionate followings too, like their Sweet Child of Vine IPA, and more recently, their successful jump into the hard seltzer world.

Lonely Blonde (American Blonde)

414 6th Ave N Minneapolis, MN 55401

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 3 PM – 10 PM
  • Wednesday: 3 PM – 10 PM
  • Thursday: 3 PM – 10 PM
  • Friday: 3 PM – 11 PM
  • Saturday: 12 PM – 11 PM
  • Sunday: 12 PM – 6 PM

HeadFlyer Brewing

Just when it seems like Minneapolis’s Northeast neighborhood couldn’t have any more breweries, they score another brewery.

Headflyer opened in 2017 with the goal of creating a variety of beer for all types of beer drinkers. To that end, they’ve been quite successful. They first came out swinging with a Juicy IPA, but have also added some quality sours, wheats, lagers, and stouts.

It Was All A Dream (Juicy IPA)

861 E. Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55414

  • Tuesday-Thursday: 3 pm – 10 pm
  • Friday: 1 pm – 12 am
  • Saturday: 12 pm – 12 am
  • Sunday: 12 pm – 9 pm
  • Monday: 3 pm – 10 pm

Herkimer Pub & Brewery

To us, Herkimer seems like the ultimate brewery mashup. Part microbrewery, part restaurant, part pub. This place has got it all and then some.

2922 Lyndale Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55408

  • Mon-Fri: 12pm-2am
  • Sat & Sun: 10am-2am
  • Brunch Sat & Sun: 10am-3pm
  • Happy Hour Every Day: 3pm-6pm
  • Late Night Happy Hour: Sun-Thurs 10pm-2am

Inbound Brewing Company

Inbound is another brewery that sits near Target Field, although with a totally different vibe than say, the nearby Fulton Brewery. Inbound is a large industrial space, with towering ceilings, exposed duct work, and a live music stage that can really get pumping on weekends.

The beer here seems to rotate quite frequently, which has it’s pros and cons. It’s always fun to try something new, but there’s some seriously fantastic drinks that inevitably get cycled like, like their season German Hefeweizen. #BringItBack!

Apricot Pale Ale (Pale Ale)

Super G Lovshake (Milkshake IPA)

701 N 5th St, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Open Daily
Monday-Friday 12pm-12am
Saturday-Sunday 11am-12am

Happy Hour
4pm-6pm, 10pm-12am

Indeed Brewing

Indeed, we love you… indeed.

Indeed is a true local’s favorite. In part, that’s from their impressive collection of year-round flagships across the whole palate spectrum – like their IPAs, Lagers, and Sours – but also their seasonal releases, which have developed a cult following for every season.

In the Summer, there’s the easy drinking Shenanigans wheat beer. In the Fall, the Yamma Jamma (RIP). The Winter? Stir Crazy Porter. And by Spring, there’s always some sort of fruit sour to thaw out and welcome the warmer weather.

Shenanigans (Seasonal – Wheat Ale)

Mexican Honey (Imperial Lager)

711 15th Ave NE
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55413

Insight Brewing

Although it’s still got the feel of an undiscovered secret, Insight Brewing seems to have a made a name for itself in liquor shops all over the state. So maybe that’s why their big, open concept taproom is more often than not packed to the gills, in the best way.

With classics like An Obstruction on the Toll Way, The Wisdom of Old One Eye, and The Return Voyage of Banshee Cutter, you might feel like you climbed out of a Tolkien novel while placing your order. It’s all part of the charm. So take a journey to this adventure-themed brewery, where delicious brews and good times await.

An Obstruction on the Troll Way (Citrus IPA)

2821 E Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55413-2916

M-TH: 3pm-11pm
FRI: 1pm-12am
SAT: 12pm-12am
SUN: 12pm-11pm

La Doña Cervecería

Minneapolis has a lot of breweries, but one brewery type the city didn’t have, until now? Una cerveceria Mexicana.

That’s all been fixed with the recent opening of La Dona.

And we’re happy to report La Dona includes everything we hoped to see from a Mexican microbrewery.

  • Delicous craft takes on Mexican lagers? Check.
  • Refreshing Micheladas? Check.
  • Weekly salsa dancing, Spanish/English conversation clubs, and an outdoor soccer field? Can’t say that was on our list, but it’s still pretty awesome to see!

241 Fremont Avenue North Unit B, Minneapolis, MN, 55405

  • Monday – Tuesday: 4 pm – 9 pm
  • Wednesday – Thurday: 4 pm – 11 pm
  • Friday: 2 pm – 12 am
  • Saturday: 12 pm – 2 am
  • Sunday: 12 pm – 8 pm

Lakes and Legends

When we heard a brewery was going into the first floor of the new high-rise condo developments near Loring Park, we weren’t sure what to think.

When we visited the first time, and took one look at the long list Belgian Witbiers, strongs, and sours, we knew Lakes and Legends was going to be a force to be reckoned with in the Minneapolis brewery scene.

St. Gail (Raspberry Braggot)

Great Wit North (Belgian Wit)

1368 Lasalle Ave
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55403

  • Monday – Thursday: 3 pm – 10 pm
  • Friday: 3 pm – 12 am
  • Saturday: 12 pm – 12 am
  • Sunday: 12 pm – 10 pm

LynLake Brewery

LynLake Brewery is kind of that brewery we always forget is there.

Not because it isn’t popular. On the contrary, this big space can find itself absolutely packed with Uptown youngin’s and hipsters ready to party. No, we forget about it only because it doesn’t feel all that much like a craft brewery, and instead, more like a hopping bar that also happens to serve microbrews.

For the uptown neighborhood, it couldn’t be a more perfect fit.

2934 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55408

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday – Thursday: 5pm – 10pm
  • Friday: 4pm – midnight
  • Saturday: 12pm – midnight
  • Sunday: 12-10pm

Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery

Sorry to bust any bubbles, but Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery isn’t actually in a town hall. But no worries! They still serve great beer. And who can complain about great beer?

Town Hall specializes in Cask Ales, but they’ve also got a wide selection for any drinker. There’s a sizable food menu too, but you’re here for the beer, remember?

Now do your civic duty, and get to sipping!

Dortmunder Lager (German Lager)

1430 Washington Ave S
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55454

Modist Brewing

Sitting in the shadow of Target Field and neighboring Minneapolis microbrew pioneer, Fulton Brewery, Modist is the new kid on the block. Who’s coming out swinging!

In its industrial warehouse style style tap room (which, for whatever reason, just seems to fit the neighborhood oh-so-perfectly) Modist is serving up absolutely fantastic brew in a fun and cool space.

505 N 3rd St
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55401

  • Monday: Closed (Except for home Twins games)
  • Tues – Thurs: 4 pm – 10 pm
  • Fri: 12 pm – 12 am
  • Sat: 12 pm -12 am
  • Sun: 12 on – 8 pm

Northbound Smokehouse

Admittedly, we’re nearly breaking our criteria by including Northbound on the list, since this spot is equal part restaurant as it is brewery taproom.

Sure, the food list is about three times as long as the beer list. That said, the small selection of craft beer here is surprisingly good! So we’ll make an exception. Just this once…

2716 East 38th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55406

One Fermentary & Taproom

This chic and trendy taproom is bringing something different to the North Loop microbrewery scene. There’s craft beers, sure, but ONE equally specializes in craft wine, kombucha, and coffee.

Basically, if it’s fermented, you can find it at ONE! Hence the name. Oh, and don’t forget the impressive selection of food, like some awesome pulled pork sandwiches, cheese plates, olives, and pickles.

And We’ll See You Tomorrow Night (Bohemian Pilsner)

618 N 5th St. , Minneapolis, MN 55401

Sunday: Noon – 10 p.m.
Monday: 3 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Tuesday: 3 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Wednesday: 3 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Thursday: 3 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Friday: 3 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Saturday: Noon – 11 p.m.

Pryes Brewing

When we heard Pryes was moving into a new location in North Minneapolis, we were’nt sure what to expect. Their spot was a bit on the outskirts of downtown, and to be honest, we still weren’t sure how on earth to say their name.

All those doubts went away when we stepped inside their new, beautiful, and trendy taprom. Here, you’ll find towering ceilings, chic design, beautiful lighting, and a giant beer list that will have you ordering again and again.

1401 West River Road North
Minneapolis, MN, 55411

Mon / Tues 3pm–10pm
Wed / Thu 3pm–11pm
Friday 11am–12am
Saturday 10am–12am
Sunday 10am–10pm

Sisyphus Brewing

Along with Pryes Brewing, Sispyphus Brewing is duking it out for the title of “Extremely Difficult to Pronounce” Minneapolis brewery names.

But fear not. Despite the syllable struggles, Sisyphus (which apparently references a story from Ancient Greek Mythology) sports one of the most laid back taprooms in the entire cities.

Not to mention, a fantastic collection of IPAs, Stouts, and lighter varieties.

712 Ontario Ave W
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55403

  • Mon – Wed: 3 pm -10 pm
  • Thurs: 3 pm – 11 pm
  • Fri & Sat: 12 pm- 12 am
  • SUN: 1 pm – 6 pm

Socialable Cider Werks

Sociable Cider Werks has been serving up delicious ciders to Twin Cities locals since before the cider thing was cool.

This O.G. cidery always has a collection of barley-less alcoholic offerings sure to impress even the most hardcore of cider fans.

Looking for a dry apple cider? Or maybe more of a hoppy apple cider? Scrumpy apple cider? No matter, Sociable’s got it.

1500 Fillmore St NE
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55413

MON 4pm-10pm
TUE 4pm-10pm
WED 4pm-10pm
THU 4pm-10pm
FRI 4pm-12am
SAT 12pm-12am
SUN 12pm-8pm

Steel Toe Brewing

Just east of downtown, in St. Louis Park, sits a humble brewery that is anything but overlooked by the true beer lovers of Minnesota.

With a loyal, local crowd that doesn’t seem to care what day of the week or hour of the day it is, Steel Toe finds that perfect balance between buzzing microbrewery and chill local hangout.

A local that’s worth seeking out!

4848 W. 35th St.
St. Louis Park, MN

Surly Brewing Co.

What’s there to say about Surly?

Minnesota’s entire taproom scene could possibly be credited to them, since the bill allowing Minnesota breweries to serve pints onsite is literally called the Surly Bill.

Since then, Minnesota’s entire microbrewery scene has exploded, although Surly’s remained firmly in the lead that whole time.

Today, Surly remains far and away Minneapolis’s biggest taproom. (And the state’s too, for that matter.) In fact, everything about Surly is big.

A big taproom. A big fanbase. (Who’s known to camp out at liquor stores for the annual release of its Russian Imperial Stout) And most important of all, big flavor on all of their 26 taps available daily.

If you want to experience Minneapolis’s most popular brewery, you owe it to yourself to find a way to Surly.

Watch the video: MOSA now open (August 2022).