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New York: Where to Eat While Watching the Super Bowl

New York: Where to Eat While Watching the Super Bowl

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Plenty of bars are showing the Super Bowl in New York City (just about all of them, in fact), but what if you actually want to sit down and enjoy a meal while taking in the big game this weekend? While crowding in at the bar certainly has its charms (especially if you’re surrounded by people who happen to be cheering for the team you’re rooting for), there’s something to be said for having a seat all to yourself, and being able to relax with some solid food while watching the world’s largest sporting event.

Trying to figure out which restaurants are showing the game, especially on more than one small TV, can be a daunting task, so we’ve done the work for you and assembled a roundup of 10 restaurants (including one club that serves food, if that’s your thing) that not only are showing the game, but have plenty of TVs and/or big screens, so you can watch comfortably. Most even have special menus, because there’s something about the Super Bowl that makes us crave delicious fried snacks.

TOY Oyster Bar

Located in the Meatpacking District’s clubby Gansevoort Hotel's TOY restaurant, this oyster bar will be offering a special Asian-inspired menu devised by chef Doron Wong, including spicy tuna toro, shrimp toast cigars, lobster dumplings, tempura oysters, Chinese fried chicken wings, and tori dango (chicken meatballs). The real standout, though? Oysters for just $1. Two-for-one buckets of Peroni are available for $45, and complimentary specialty shots will be handed out during halftime.

Treehouse Bar at David Burke Kitchen

If your version of the ideal Super Bowl party includes a whole roast pig and $5 bottles of beer, then Treehouse inside SoHo's James Hotel is the best option around. Watch the game, have your fill of roast pig with all the accompaniments for $25 per person, and drink some $5 specials including bottles of Sam Adams Boston Lager, Sam Adams Seasonal, Peroni Lager, and something intriguingly called "Whiskey in a Jar."

Ditch Plains

Chef Marc Murphy’s low-key restaurant with locations in the West Village and the Upper West Side will be showing the big game on plenty of TVs, with specials including BBQ "Pig Wings," fried oyster sliders, chicken wing dip, and $4 draft beers. You can also rent out a private dining room at their Upper West Side location.

Del Frisco’s Grille

This Rockefeller Center hot spot is offering up some high-quality football-watching food, including cheesesteak eggrolls served with a sweet and spicy chile sauce and honey mustard, lollipop chicken wings served with an avocado ranch dressing, and pimento cheese fritters served with a chipotle ranch sauce. Private dining rooms are also available.

Brother Jimmy’s BBQ

Guaranteed to be a full house come game time, this mini-chain of wildly popular barbecue-centric bars, with five Manhattan locations, will be offering up their full barbecue menu and broadcasting the game from 40 TVs at each bar, on average. If you’d prefer to bring the Brother home with you, they’ll deliver a full tailgate package right to your party. It sells for $19.95 per person and includes hot wings, rib tips, hush puppies with maple butter, chicken fingers (original, Buffalo, or chipotle) and spinach and artichoke dip.

40/40 Club

If bottle service is your style, Madison Square uber-hot spot the 40/40 Club could be a very solid option. They’re booking tables that seat four to 10 people, and each includes chips, salsa, guacamole, buckets of beer, and bottle service. The VIP treatment will cost you, though: a table for four starts at $750.


This taqueria will be projecting the game onto three huge screens, and will be serving up tacos filled with fish, short rib barbacoa, and shrimp. Drink specials will include spiked horchata, red sangria, and micheladas.

508 Gastrobrewery

This West Side brewpub will be hosting something that’s becoming harder to find these days: an all-you-can-eat-and-drink extravaganza. For $45, you’ll get unlimited boar chili, nachos, flatbreads, taquitos, house-brewed beers, wines by the glass, and well drinks. The party will rage from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Hill Country BBQ Market

If down-home Texas barbecue is your thing, Hill Country is the place to head to for the big game. Lots of special items are being added to the menu for the day, including a house-made hot link on a bun with mustard and sauerkraut, chips and queso or guacamole, and build-your-own brisket tacos, along with beer specials like $4 PBR tallboys.

Bounce Sporting Club

With two locations in the city, in the Flatiron District and on the Upper East Side, this sports bar and nightclub has developed a reputation for its inventive wings. If you anticipate some flavor fatigue from eating too many standard Buffalo-style wings, it might be a good idea to drop in and try their Indian-spices and Korean-flavored offerings.

Dan Myers is the Eat/Dine Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow him on Twitter @sirmyers.

Best Super Bowl XLIX Snacks, Food, And Recipes To Eat While Watching Seahawks Vs. Patriots

Super Bowl XLIX is quickly approaching and all of the focus is on the Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots, Deflategate, and the commercials. In all actuality, the focus should be on your Super Bowl foods, snacks, and recipes that you need for your big game party or just because you're watching the game at all.

The everyday football fare is bound to be at any Super Bowl you will attend, and that's just inevitable. You're going to find chips, salsa, popcorn, cheese dips, pizza, pigs in a blanket, pretzels, hot wings, nachos, and those little meatballs.

Don't you want something different, though?

Of course you do, and that's why this list of Super Bowl snacks, foods, and recipes is here for you to try.

Yahoo came up with a great Super Bowl version of monkey bread that can be made easily and quickly. It's extremely easy to make and it takes all of five minutes of prep time and about half an hour of cooking.

BuzzFeed put together a list of 37 buffalo dishes that are better than hot wings, and it's a great way to steer away from the norm. Some of the best looking ideas include Shredded Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches with Blue Cheese Celery Slaw, Buffalo Chicken Pizza Swirls, and Buffalo Hasselback Potatoes.

When it comes to deciding on snacks and food for your Super Bowl XLIX party, you should also make sure to look at the Food Network. Not only do they offer up recipes for unique dishes, but better versions of traditional food as well.

Whether you're looking for some Lucky 7 Layer Dip or Triple Pork Sliders, Food Network has just about everything you could want. One of the best looking things around is the Big Game Pizza Ball which is exactly what it sounds like - awesome!

There are just a few days left until the Seattle Seahawks take on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX, and that means you have time to get your snacks and game food ready. The recipes here are quite simple and won't take much time, but get them done a day early or by game-day morning so you can sit and relax.

90 Super Bowl Recipes to Keep You Satisfied Through Fourth Quarter

Because everyone hates running out of snacks at half time.

After New Year's, the next (and last) big winter food event is, of course, the Super Bowl. Once you figure out the date and location of the Super Bowl, there's just one question: What will you eat? Because, let's be honest, the game itself isn't typically the point. The point is the food. While wings, dips, and pizza are regularly heralded as the top dogs of all Super Bowl recipes, there are a lot more options you can include in a game day feast.

First of all, you want to ensure you have the best Super Bowl appetizers to start the night off right. In addition to the usual fare, this roundup features tasty treats like spinach artichoke wontons, Cajun sausage puffs with bourbon mustard, and oven baked avocado fries. There&rsquos also some healthy Super Bowl recipes floating around, like the vegetarian chili or the portobello burgers.

For the main event, you don&rsquot need to look any further. We&rsquove included baby back ribs, hot dogs with the works, chicken and waffle sliders, and pulled pork stacked on fresh biscuits among so many other ideas. With all these amazing bites, you&rsquoll have to make it a point to save room for some Super Bowl desserts! There are sure to be two champions this year: the winning team and your amazing menu of the best Super Bowl recipes. If you make any of the below, we can ensure you'll have a living room full of happy guests.

60 So-Good Super Bowl Snacks for Football's Biggest Day of the Year

These tasty game day snacks will make you the real MVP.

Attention all football (and food) fans: the Super Bowl is almost here! Even if you're not a sports enthusiast, everyone can come together on Super Bowl Sunday for the nosh. So we rounded up the best and most delicious Super Bowl snacks for any game day craving. This February 7, cheer on your team while munching on this hearty mix of nachos, sliders, party dips and more easy appetizers (don't forget to save room for all the game day desserts afterwards, of course).

Whether you're hosting a small but festive Super Bowl party or just in need of a tasty dish to treat your family to at home, these delicious recipes will be the big winners of the night &mdash whether or not your team takes home the Lombardi. And afterwards, if you're still looking for more winning food to make, don't forget to check out our full collection of Super Bowl recipes (including vegan and vegetarian options!).

Breakfast Ideas for Tailgating and the Super Bowl

Indulgent, shareable dishes can prepare you for the day drinking to come — whether you’re planning your tailgating menu for an early game or want to get your grub on for the Super Bowl right after your morning buzzer kicks off the day. Diehard sports fans arriving onsite at sunrise or at your home before noon need a great breakfast, too. We selected these recipes with convenience in mind: They’re grill-able, portable, or make-ahead. So this food will be win no matter how your team plays.

The Super Bowl is a carnival already, so eat like it with these breakfast-ized corn dogs that are inspired by that crazy McGriddle at McDonald’s. You’ll want to make these ahead of time and stick them in the freezer, so that on game day, all you have to do is re-heat them in the oven. So this is more of an at-home game-day recipe. Get our Breakfast Corn Dogs recipe.

Here’s a great make-ahead tailgating idea that’s basically a bunch of link sausages cooked inside a skillet pancake. Make the batter ahead of time and bring it with you in a cooler. Get our Campfire Breakfast Toad in the Hole recipe.

Doesn’t everybody love banana bread? And it’s so easy. Make this the day before the game and whip it out for your cheering crowd. With the addition of sour cream, you get a tangy, sweet taste plus a moist crumb. Get our Sour Cream Banana Bread recipe.

Make the biscuits ahead of time and the rest on a skillet on top of your portable grill if you’re tailgating. If you’re at home the morning of the Super Bowl, this recipe is even easier. You can use deli ham if you don’t find prosciutto. Get our Easy Prosciutto and Cheddar Biscuits recipe.

These are compact all-in-one muffins, with your eggs, oats, (sweet) potatoes, sausage, and cheese wrapped into one convenient hand-held size. You and your friends can eat these while watching the pre-game, no problem. Get our Breakfast Sausage and Sweet Potato Muffins recipe.

It’s like breakfast nacho dip with a bit of scrambled egg and sautéed chorizo, a fresh Mexican pork sausage that can be mild or hot and needs to be cooked before eating. You can serve four to six tailgaters with this communal Mexican-inspired morning dip. Get our Breakfast Queso Fundido recipe.

Your dish doesn’t have to have eggs to be a great breakfast. Case in point: a casserole built upon Yukon Gold potatoes, mountains of Gouda cheese, red bell peppers, and scallions. Get our Potato and Bacon Breakfast Casserole recipe.

Now this is some crave-able handheld food. Glaze sausage patties and tart Granny Smith apple slices with some maple syrup before adding oozy cheddar on English muffins for a breakfast sandwich unlike any other. Get our Apple and Cheddar Breakfast-Sausage Burger recipe.

9. Boozy Biscotti Iced Coffee

Plan ahead for this morning pick-me-up because the coffee needs to steep for at least 12 hours. But then the festive mood is on before noon. It’s not just any ol’ liquored-up coffee. It’s got amaretto and Pernod in it. Plus, it’s easier for tailgates because it doesn’t need to stay warm. Get our Boozy Biscotti Iced Coffee recipe.

If you want some tailgating lunch ideas, you can try a few of our almost two dozen suggestions: Tailgating Sandwich, Sausage, and Burger Recipes.

Don’t forget to get all your Super Bowl Game Day information from our friends at CBS Sports.

— Photos 1-3 and 6-9 by Chris Rochelle/Chowhound 4-5 by Eggland’s Best/Chowhound

— Amy Sowder, Amy Wisniewski, Christine Gallary, and Lisa Laver contributed to this article.

This is What Everyone Will Be Ordering on Super Bowl Sunday, According to DoorDash

When we think about game day snacks, our mind immediately goes to two places: awesome frozen snacks from places like Trader Joe’s and Aldi, and hot wings ordered from our favorite local delivery spot. But according to DoorDash, wings aren’t the most popular game day snack anymore. They just shared their list of the most popular game day eats, and while we’re deciding what to serve at our Super Bowl party, we thought there was no better time to examine the most popular foods to eat while watching sports so we can finalize our menu.

First of all, the big bombshell they dropped is that wings are out. Out of first place, that is. The new first place favorite for game day snackers is one of our lifelong obsessions: mozzarella sticks. Crispy on the outside, gooey and cheesy on the inside, and impossible not to love. Wings did still make the list of top game day eats nationwide, but not the traditional Buffalo wings you might be thinking of. Instead, hungry sports fans are opting for an even easier-to-eat protein: boneless wings, which came in second place behind mozzarella sticks. Rounding out the list were other classic favorites like chips and salsa, jalapeño poppers, and curly fries.

There were a few surprising foods that made the most-popular list. Some people are apparently ordering things like Caesar salad, chicken pot pie, and salmon to eat while watching the big game. We’re not here to shame anyone, but salmon? That’s a little high-brow for football. The Super Bowl is like the one day a year when we can get away with eating nothing but appetizers and snacks for every meal, but you do you!

Another surprising find is that Americans are ordering more desserts on game days. Maybe it’s because we’ve all been craving more comfort foods recently? Either way, items like churros, brownies, and even banana pudding are proving to be hits with sports lovers.

What are you ordering or serving for your Super Bowl party? If you haven’t already decided, it sounds like you should be sure to add some mozzarella sticks and brownies to the menu.

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Crush Pizza + Tap
1200 West 38th Avenue

Pizza and wings are perfect for game-day viewing, and Crush has a $35 deal that includes a one-topping pizza and sixteen wings, plus add another pizza or order of wings for $15. Call the restaurant before Sunday to reserve your order.

Lola Coastal Mexican
1575 Boulder Street

Spice up your Sunday with Lola's finish-at-home taco kits, enchiladas, adobo barbecue wings, and fully loaded nacho kits. Place your order online by 3 p.m. on Friday, February 5, for pick-up at the restaurant between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Sunday.

Mister Oso
3163 Larimer Street

Mister Oso's game-day package includes smoked, chile-spiced ribs, smoked wings and margarita kits orders start as low as $17. Choose your options and pay online to have your order ready on February 7.


1600 15th Street

No, you're not ordering upscale French cuisine for your day of football you're getting fried chicken from Morin's Buckets & Bubbs pop-up. Along with the fried bird, you can order macaroni and cheese, pretzel bites with Gruyère, Buffalo chicken dip, mashed potatoes, Champagne and more. Five-piece buckets start at $17, and booze starts as low as two bucks a bottle, if you want the Champagne of beers: Miller High Life. Order online and choose your Sunday pick-up time.

Number Thirty Eight
3560 Chestnut Place

Feel like a true football fan by watching the game outdoors on Number Thirty Eight's 200-square-foot screen from the venue's Adirondack chairs, picnic tables or four-person high-tops. Order tacos, bao buns, flatbread and other tailgate-worthy fare from Number Thirty Eight's own kitchen, Street Feud. Call for details and reservations, or simply book your seats online.

The Pig & the Sprout
1900 Chestnut Place

The Pig & the Sprout has two boxes for game day. There's a wing box with twenty or 32 pieces of smoked, grilled wings smothered in Buffalo, BBQ or Asian BBQ sauce, along with carrots, celery and your choice of ranch or blue cheese. Or do a barbecue box with a full rack of Nice Rack ribs, smoked brisket and pulled pork, along with sauce, slaw and garlic bread. Call or order online don't forget cocktails or beer by the growler.

1265 Alpine Street, Boulder

Grab a Southwestern appetizer with chips, salsa, corn and flour tortillas, queso fundido and guacamole, all for $32, and add margarita four-packs ranging from $45 to $60. Call the restaurant to place your order or go to

Señor Bear
3301 Tejon Street

For $70, Señor Bear will make you a package of six housemade barbecue pork sausages (they're pre-cooked, so you can just finish them to your liking at home), six hoagie buns, and chimichurri, rajas aioli and crispy shallots as toppings. You'll also get chicharrones and chips with guacamole and queso, enough for four to six football fans. Add a box of cocktails or beers and you're all set. Order online, then pick up your grub on Sunday.

3330 Brighton Boulevard

Barbecue is a great game-day choice for takeout, especially when it's from Smok. The restaurant's Sunday package includes hot wings with ranch or jerk wings with blue cheese dressing, Nashville hot chicharrones, smoked jalepeño poppers and brisket nachos, all for $50. Add pre-bottled Family Jones Manhattans or martinis for $30 more (enough for eight cocktails). Call the restaurant by 3 p.m. on February 4 to reserve for pick-up on February 7.

523 East 17th Avenue, 303-830-1001
7355 Ralston Road, Arvada, 303-830-0096

Steuben's Uptown and its Arvada sibling have a tailgate-at-home package for $100 that includes six jalapeño poppers, twelve Buffalo wings, house potato chips with ranch or blue cheese dressing, two racks of barbecue pork ribs and brown butter blondies. Go to Steuben's website to order for pick-up the day of the game.

TAG Restaurants
Multiple locations

Chef Troy Guard has several Super Bowl packages available for ordering by 3 p.m. on Friday, February 5, for pick-up on February 7. Choose from five different meal kits with cooking instructions included (burgers, chicken sandwiches, fajitas, tacos or enchiladas), plus orders of finger foods, dips and drinks. Choose a location closest to you &mdash FNG, TAG Burger Bar or one of four Los Chingones locations &mdash then place your order at


Tap & Burger
1565 Raleigh Street (Sloan's Lake)
4910 South Newport Street (Belleview Station)

The Sloan's Lake and Belleview Station outposts of the Tap & Burger family have a buck-a-wing special, plus three kinds of dip by the tub (each serves four or five people): Mexican street corn, green chile cheeseburger, or smoked barbecue chicken. Order online 24 hours before the game for pick-up at the location of your choice.

West End Tavern
926 Pearl Street, Boulder

Boulder football fans can order game-day grub from the West End Tavern, including family barbecue meals for two, four or six people complete with brisket, ribs, pulled pork, chicken, hot links, barbecue sauce, slaw, cornbread, pickles and baked beans. Half-racks of ribs, buckets of fifty wings, and 25-ounce beer Crowlers are also available. Place orders online in advance of Sunday for pick-up before the game.

Wing Alley/Ace Eat Serve
501 East 17th Avenue

This take-home deal feeds four to six football fans, with 24 wings accompanied by Asian Buffalo, Tiger Sauce, Hidden Alley Ranch, and blue cheese sauces, plus a dim sum platter of twelve pork pot stickers, Brussels sprouts, shishito peppers and twelve Sichuan shrimp wontons. You'll also get two vouchers for Aperol spritzes that you can use at the restaurant for the remainder of February. Order online for pick-up on game day.

Know of other good deals? Send information to [email protected]

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Google releases 'uniquely searched Super Bowl recipes' by state, says Nevada searched for 'potato'

Celebrity chef Amaris Jones shows ‘Fox and Friends’ the best Super Bowl party food and drinks for the big game.

In some parts of the country, there’s nothing better than eating a good old-fashioned potato for the Super Bowl. But when it comes to home cooking for the big game, chili reigns supreme.

According to a map that shows uniquely searched recipes in each state during the week before the Super Bowl, it’s clear that Americans love dip, chili and chicken wings.

While many states posted results that most people would expect, there were still a few surprises.

According to Google Trends, Nevada and Idaho residents searched for "potato" to prepare for the big game. (iStock)

The map, compiled by Google Trends, shows “relatively uniquely searched Super Bowl recipes by state” over the past week. It’s also color-coded to show whether the state’s residents were searching for recipes for main dishes, side dishes, appetizers or dip. Chili was apparently popular enough to warrant its own category.

Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts are all listed as chili states. Interestingly, Illinois’ most searched for recipe is listed as “Philly Cheese Steak,” while Philadelphia's home state of Pennsylvania is more interested in chili.

In terms of dip, Google says New Jersey, Connecticut and Virginia are intent on cooking up Buffalo chicken dip, while Maryland (not surprisingly) is listed as a crab dip state along with South Carolina.

Most of the entries are pretty obvious (several states were searching for chicken wing recipes, with stuffed poppers making several appearances as well).

There are, however, some surprises. Apparently, residents in Nevada and Idaho (of course) are simply searching for “potato.” In Wyoming, the top searched recipe is reportedly “ground beef.” Meanwhile, up in Alaska, people were apparently preparing to make “dill pickle with beef dip” for the big game.

While the map was prepared by Google, other studies has shown different findings. According to a study by Bid-on-Equipment that ranked each state's favorite snacks (as opposed to what recipes they were looking up), Nevada is a Buffalo chicken dip state as opposed to just a “potato” state.

40 Easy Super Bowl Appetizers That Will Make You the Real MVP

From creamy dips to classic wings, there's no fumbling these delicious starters.

Super Bowl Sunday calls for a whole bunch of game-day snacks. It doesn't matter why you tune in &mdash whether it's for the game, the half-time show, or even just the incredible Super Bowl commercials. When it comes down to it, you've got about four hours to scarf down as much game-day grub as possible. Chicken wings. Sliders. Party dips. They're all calling your name this Super Bowl Sunday. Because hey, if you're going to be watching the game at home, you might as well do it surrounded by delicious food.

If you want to develop a creative menu that will impress everyone who's gathered 'round your TV, we're here to help. Ahead, we've found the best Super Bowl appetizers that will have everyone coming back for more. It doesn't matter how many people you're cooking for. These Super Bowl apps are so easy that you can halve them or double them in a snap. And to make the evening even more memorable, play a few Super Bowl party games while you wait for the coin toss. May the best team win!