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Coca-Cola Recipe Could Have Been Yours – For $15 Million

Coca-Cola Recipe Could Have Been Yours – For $15 Million

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One of the biggest secrets in the beverage industry is the Coca-Cola secret formula. One antique dealer, Cliff Kluge, claims to have found the recipe, and says he’ll share it with the world --, for a small fortune.

Kluge started the bid for the typewritten and yellowed document at $5 million (don’t worry, those who didn’t want to wait out the bidding process could “Buy Now” at $15 million).

A 15-year-old decided to go for it, and place a $15 million dollar bid on the item. He was given three whole days to come up with the money, but to no one’s surprise, wasn’t able to pay Kluge.

Under the description of the item on the bidding page, which is no longer for sale, Kluge states , “There is no doubt (at least in my mind) that whoever typed the letter had seen the original recipe for Coca Cola.,” He continued, “Looking at the recipe, it certainly is a lot more complicated than I could have ever imagined.”

Complicated it must be, for Coca-Cola is one of the most popular drink in the world. NPR’s “This American Life” claimed to have the recipe for Coca-Cola back in 2011, even stating that the earliest batches of Coca-Cola contained cocaine. The recipe is available on the NPR site.

Question and comments below the bid ranged from suggestions for Kluge to start his own soda company, to inquiries about whether he found other recipes of Mr. Pibb or Mountain Dew. Today, there is an update on the status of the recipe sale. Kluge mentions on the page how interesting it has been watching the eBay bid unfold through the media, but the page also states that formula has been sold (to whom, we do not know), and the listing has ended.

According to Coca-Cola’s recent statement in response to eBay post, the recipe is in fact in Georgia, but not in Kluge’s home. The company stated, “The real formula is safely tucked away in a vault at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta.”

Lemon Chicken Pasta

Turn leftover chicken into an easy elegant supper with a lemon and some linguine with this easy recipe for lemon chicken pasta. It’s so simple to make, and has a bright and cheery lemon flavor that will have them begging for another serving!

There are a few recipes in my collection that are near and dear to my heart not only because they taste so dang good, but because they remind me of wonderful times. My mama’s cream scones. My grandmother’s molasses cookies. My baby girl’s favorite banana muffins. The back of the Nestle’s chocolate chip bag recipe for chocolate chip cookies that my friend Lynne and I have been making since we were nine years old. And this lemony, buttery, easy lemon chicken pasta recipe.

I’ve made this about a million times over the years because it is so easy and delicious, but the time I loved best was on a winter weekend many moons ago up in Vermont with two of our best friends. We all went up to my favorite place in the world, aka the Vermont Cabin. It was February, and it was Vermont, so there was snow. Lots of snow.

The Southern daughter was about five years old at the time, and like five year olds everywhere, she thought hurtling down the hill on her sled was pretty much the best thing she had ever done in her life.

Look at those cheeks! I miss those cheeks. They are off at college now. (How did that happen??)

Anyway, going out to dinner up in my beloved part of Vermont requires a good half hour to 45 minutes in the car, and the cabin has a lovely, cozy kitchen, so one night we decided to cook in. There’s Janet cooking, and the Southern daughter setting the table, and me looking all bossy. I have no idea what that’s about.

And since we were all tuckered out from our snowy day, we wanted something easy as well as delicious, and yep, you guessed it. Lemon Chicken Pasta! A little cooked and shredded chicken, some lemons, some pasta, a handful of herbs, some butter and we were on our way. A little while later we were eating and laughing around that table up there, and even though it was lo these many years ago, every time I make lemon chicken pasta it zaps me right back to a snowy weekend with best friends.

So from me to you, here’s one of my favorites for you to share with good people you love!

Easy Crockpot Ham

So are you a turkey or ham fan for big family dinners? I don’t know if I can decide, but my mom always makes turkey. A few years ago I ventured into the land of ham and I’m so glad I did. I really do love ham, hubs too of course, because we just love pork in this house. These are also pretty much the only leftovers in the world that I actually look forward to!

No oven is required for this ham! All of us who have had to prepare a big dinner know how much that helps when there are so many other dishes fighting for some oven space. The best part about this ham is that it’s only 4 ingredients! No, you’re not dreaming! All you need for said ham is your good old crockpot and this easy step-by-step guide.


BALTIMORE (AP) — President Joe Biden plans to take executive action Friday to provide a stopgap measure of financial relief to millions of Americans while Congress begins to consider his much larger $1.9 trillion package to help those affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The two executive orders that Biden is to sign would increase food aid, protect job seekers on unemployment and clear a path for federal workers and contractors to get a $15 hourly minimum wage.

“The American people cannot afford to wait,” said Brian Deese, director of the White House National Economic Council. “So many are hanging by a thread. They need help, and we’re committed to doing everything we can to provide that help as quickly as possible.”

Deese emphasized that the orders are not substitutes for the additional stimulus that Biden says is needed beyond the $4 trillion in aid that has already been approved, including $900 billion this past December. Several Republican lawmakers have voiced opposition to provisions in Biden’s plan for direct payments to individuals, state and local government aid and a $15 hourly minimum wage nationwide.

Most economists believe the United States can rebound with strength once people are vaccinated from the coronavirus, but the situation is still dire as the disease has closed businesses and schools. Nearly 10 million jobs have been lost since last February, and nearly 30 million households lack secure access to food.

One of Biden’s orders asks the Agriculture Department to consider adjusting the rules for food assistance, so that the government could be obligated to provide more money to the hungry.

Children who are unable to get school meals because of remote learning could receive a 15% increase in food aid, according to a fact sheet provided by the White House. The lowest-income households could qualify for the emergency benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. And the formula for calculating meal costs could become more generous.

The order also tries to make it easier for people to claim direct payments from prior aid packages and other benefits. In addition, it would create a guarantee that workers could still collect unemployment benefits if they refuse to take a job that could jeopardize their health.

Biden’s second executive order would restore union bargaining rights revoked by the Trump administration, protect the civil service system and promote a $15 hourly minimum wage for all federal workers. The Democratic president also plans to start a 100-day process for the federal government to require its contractors to pay at least $15 an hour and provide emergency paid leave to workers, which could put pressure on other private employers to boost their wages and benefits.

These orders arrive as the Biden White House has declined to provide a timeline for getting its proposed relief package through, saying that officials are beginning to schedule meetings with lawmakers to discuss the proposal.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said at a Thursday briefing that the proposal has support ranging from democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

But not all components of the package are popular among Republicans, and that could delay passage in ways that could injure the economy. Psaki stressed that Biden wants any deal to be bipartisan and that the process of meeting with lawmakers to talk through the plan is just beginning.

Biden must balance the need for immediate aid against the risk of prolonged negotiations. Psaki said that Biden would not take options off the table but later added, “Part of the discussion we’ll be having with members is, what do you want to cut?”

Neil Bradley, chief policy officer at the Chamber, told reporters Thursday that Congress should act fast to approve the roughly $400 billion for national vaccination and reopening schools and other elements of the plan with bipartisan support, rather than drag out negotiations.

“We’re not going to let areas of disagreement prevent progress on areas where we can find common ground,” Bradley said. “We cannot afford six months to get the vaccination process working right. … We can’t even wait six weeks to get vaccinations distributed and schools reopened.”

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Minimum wage shot down from American Rescue Plan as ‘vote-a-rama’ is in full swing

$15 minimum wage: Where lawmakers stand on pay increase legislation

The officials could not provide an exact figure on how many workers for federal contractors would receive a raise, only that it would be hundreds of thousands. There are an estimated 5 million contract workers in the federal government, according to a posting last year for the Brookings Institution by Paul Light, a public policy professor at New York University.

The increase could be dramatic for workers who earn the current minimum of $10.95 an hour. Those workers would receive a 37% pay hike, though the increase would be rolled out gradually, according to the terms of the order.

The White House said the workers would include cleaning professionals and maintenance workers, nursing assistants who care for veterans, cafeteria workers providing for the military and laborers who build and repair federal infrastructure.

All federal agencies would need to include the higher wage in new contract offerings by Jan. 30 of next year. By March 30, agencies would need to implement the higher wage into new contracts. The increase would also be in existing contracts that are extended.

The wage would be indexed to inflation, so it would automatically increase with each year to reflect changes in prices. The tipped minimum wage of $7.65 an hour for federal contractors would be replaced by the standard minimum by 2024.

Biden has pushed to establish a $15 hourly minimum wage nationwide for all workers, making it a part of his coronavirus relief package. But the Senate parliamentarian said the wage hike did not follow the budgetary rules that allowed the $1.9 trillion plan to pass with a simple majority, so it was not included in the bill that became law in March.

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I started sharing a “state” recipe each week at the beginning of 2020. My recipes were “inspired” by the states (not always authentic). One reason for this was that my one criteria for this project was that at least part of the recipe had to be made in the Instant Pot. It was a bit of a challenge some weeks! It is now December 14th and we’re at the end of the year and I’ve covered all 50 states! I had such a fun time learning a little about each of the United States and a little about the foods that are eaten there. In case you are missing any of the state recipes I’ve compiled them all here in one spot. Enjoy!


Alabama camp stew with shredded pork and chicken in a tomato BBQ sauce with potato chunks, lima beans and corn.

From a reader: Robert said, “You brought back a fond memory from my childhood as I remember the boat paddle being used to stir the camp stew being made in giant cast iron pots cooked over an open flame. It was cooked by veterans who would take turns cooking it around the clock for about 3 days .They first would slow cook the Chicken ,Pork and Beef adding BBQ sauce as they cooked .The Smokey flavor added the taste of the Camp Stew you just can’t get cooking any other way .They sold Pork plates and Chicken plates and Camp stew. The Pork plates were out of this world. The camp stew was awesome. Those guys put they’re heart and soul into cooking these meals ready for every 4th of July. The big cast iron pots being stirred with a boat paddle was something I looked forward to every year. I haven’t had any good Camp Stew since I left Montgomery.”


Flaky wild Alaska salmon is steamed on the top of red potatoes and carrots in your electric pressure cooker and drizzled with garlic, fresh lemon juice and butter. A one pot meal that is healthy and delicious!

From a reader: Sabrina said, “This is the best instant pot recipe I’ve tried for salmon fillets so far. I found both the salmon and potatoes to be very well-flavored.”


Easy Posole is a dump and go recipe for chicken (or pork) and hominy soup that you can make in the Instant Pot or slow cooker.

From a reader: Barb said, “I made this recipe yesterday and it turned out great. Instead of chicken I used some pulled pork I had in my freezer. And I used beef broth because I thought it would stand up better to the pulled pork. Those are the only substitutions I made. I put some of the pork in at the beginning and put the rest in to warm after the soup was done. I topped the soup with shredded cabbage, cilantro, Mexican shredded cheese, sliced radishes and a little bit of chopped onion. Adding all these toppings makes the posole a hearty and filling meal. As with all soups, I think it tastes better the second night because last night the broth’s canned taste was evident and I didn’t particularly like that. But leaving the soup overnight in the fridge blended everything together so nicely. I will be making this soup again.”


Grab a bag of tortilla chips and dig into this Instant Pot/Slow Cooker Arkansas Cheese Dip for the most addicting snack of your life.

From a reader: Sara said, “This recipe is magnificent! Thank you! We recently learned about Arkansas Cheese Dip on a podcast called ‘Gravy’ and this is the recipe we picked to try it and it’s so delicious! We’re hooked forever and ever.”


Fish tacos! Lime marinated fish is pressure cooked quickly and then rolled up in a soft tortilla with lime sour cream, pico de gallo, shredded cabbage and avocados. A healthy, fresh and easy dinner recipe.

From a reader: Amy said, “Made this recently and I must admit I was a little skeptical at first. I grew up south of San Diego so I’m a bit of a fish taco snob. But wow, we all LOVED them! The sauce is pretty amazing, and the fish is so tender. It’s a bit messy to eat, but so good that you really don’t mind. Thanks for this one. It’s a keeper!”


A version of pork green chili that tastes like you slaved all day over the stove but uses easy-to-find ingredients. It’s made faster than “regular versions” by using your Instant Pot.

From a reader: Cathy said, “This is on our favorite list to make again and again.”


Instant Pot Steamed Cheeseburgers are juicy burgers with melty cheese cooked in your Instant Pot!

From a reader: Kim said, “Too delicious & too easy.”


Moist cake made with applesauce and apple cider and then topped with cinnamon cream cheese frosting. Addicting!

From a reader: Nick said, “Made this tonight for a late night snack. Followed directions exactly and the cake came out great. Used cinnamon applesauce of course, just to make sure I got all the cinnamon I could get.”


Instant Pot Key Lime Pie is tart, sweet, creamy citrus filling in a graham cracker crust

From a reader: Dawn said, “Made this yesterday and it was amazing! Tart and creamy and delicious.”


A salty, addicting snack of soft peanuts is easy to make at home in your Instant Pot, slow cooker or on the stove.

From a reader: Deborah said, “Karen you made my mom so very happy. We love boiled peanuts and get them out of the field on our farm. I do not like boiling them outside as it takes so long and have to watch the water level, etc. I tried some in my instant pot and my mom said they were the “best she had” since our dad passed 18 years ago. She is 86 years young and placed an order for 6 quarts for her freezer and 3 quarts for now. Glad I found this and tried it. ONLY way we will cook them now.”


This Hawaiian style pork is easy to prepare, with only 4 ingredients and a hands off cooking method. And it tastes amazing! It will soon become a family favorite.

From a reader: Carol said, “Nothing says Hawaii to me like Kalua pig. Yum! I like that I don’t have to dig a hole in my backyard and cook a whole pig all day when I can get the same delicious flavor using your recipe and my Instant Pot.”


Make fluffy, moist baked potatoes in your Instant Pot without foil and in just a few minutes!

From a reader: Sharon said, “Turned out great. I let them sit for the full 15 minutes. Rubbed them with olive oil and put under the broiler for a few minutes. Served it with bacon, sour cream, butter and scallions. I realized several hours later that I had forgotten to put out the cheese. Oh well, it was still good.”


Thinly sliced seasoned roast beef piled onto a bun with flavorful juices and some pickled vegetables. An amazing sandwich with tons of flavor!

From a reader: Danielle said, “I followed this recipe this evening and it was awesome! (Minus the bay leaf) Everyone loved it! My husband had a second sub! I used a top round roast (London broil) we like the meat more well done and throwing it back in the pot was perfect. The meat was tender and the spices were great! Thanks!”


A delicious side dish of corn with cream cheese and bacon. This will become a favorite at every family dinner and potluck! Make it in the Instant Pot or slow cooker.

From a reader: Melissa said, “As a lifelong Hoosier, I can agree that a corn recipe is a must. I have tried this dish and it is really good, especially with fresh corn. But I don’t have the patience to strip that many ears of corn, lol.”

Instant Pot Maid-Rite Sandwiches are seasoned, simmered flavorful loose ground beef sandwiches served with mustard and a pickle.

From a reader: Jenifer said, “My husband said he wanted Maid Rite last night for dinner ( we literally live 2 minutes from one here in Iowa) I decided to try this recipe instead for dinner. I did eliminate the soy sauce and replaced the water with Coca-Cola. (I’ve always added this to mine) They turned out delicious! Best homemade Maid Rite I’ve ever maid. My husband at more the 2 and daughter was trying to keep up raving about how I need to make them more often. He likes his with bacon, ketchup, onion and dill pickle. I like what is known as the Swiss Rite. Swiss cheese, bacon, and honey mustard, and always add dill pickle. Will be making again. Instant pot is hands down the best way to go of making these at home.”


Bread pockets filled with ground beef, cabbage, onions and spices. Portable and delicious!

From a reader: Devion said, “As a proud Kansan, I love me a good bierock! When I’m craving them, but in a hurry, I sometimes used canned biscuit dough. I flatten it out, fill it, and top it with another biscuit, pressing the edges together. Not the same as a yeasted dough, but works in a pinch!”


The Kentucky Hot Brown Sandwich is an open faced turkey sandwich on Texas toast drizzled with a Romano cheese sauce and topped with crispy bacon. Your Instant Pot cooks a frozen turkey breast in an expedited manner to use for this addicting sandwich.

From a reader: Corey said, “I had to make some modifications based on what I had on hand but this was still one of the best recipes I’ve made in a long time. As a Kentuckian who has had many versions, this is better than most restaurant versions. Thank you so much for sharing this.”


A dish of shrimp, ham and rice in a flavorful tomato sauce. This is a super fast and easy way to make jambalaya all in one pot!

From a reader: Brenda said, “This was very easy and delicious…..will be making again! Yum!!”


A New England tradition, red flannel hash is made with cooked potatoes, beets and corned beef. Use your Instant Pot to speed up the cooking process.


Creamy, cheese crab dip with Old Bay Seasoning tastes great served on a sliced baguette or crackers.

From a reader: Nancy said, “This was great.”


Navy beans with molasses and salt pork pressure cooked in a fraction of the time it would take to cook in the oven.

From a reader: Roger said, “Thanks for the Baked Beans recipe, I’ve been looking for a great Baked Bean recipe and my wait has come to an end.”


Cherry Oat Bars with homemade Instant Pot cherry pie filling are a delightful treat of buttery oatmeal crispy topping and tart cherry pie filling. These taste perfect with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

From a reader: Frank said, “I made this for dessert at a BBQ cook off. Cooking it in the pit added a little smoke flavor that everybody loved. Obviously I had to add more time for the lower heat but it set great. Made it in a 10 qt Dutch oven. Will definitely make it again.”


Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole is like chicken wild rice soup, but in casserole form. Plus it’s made in your Instant Pot so there is only one dirty pot to clean and it takes less time to cook

From a reader: Kristi said, “I’m from MN and I love wild rice! We tried this recipe and it was a huge hit in our house (even with my husband who normally hates anything with wild rice)!”


An addictive warm dip that is perfect for any party, potluck or get together. Or if you want to eat it in the closet by yourself. No judgment.

From a reader: Nick said, “My wife and I ate the whole thing ourselves except for some of the bread bowl (I still saved it though). Best dip ever, except for the MD crab dip.”


Fork tender meat that practically falls off the bone. The ribs are seasoned with a dry rub, either pressure cooked or slow cooked, glazed with barbecue sauce, and then stuck under the broiler.

From a reader: “Carrie Anne said, 𔄝 stars for sure! These were terrific. Hubby really enjoyed them.”


Instant Pot Pasties have shredded roast beef and cubed potatoes are cooked inside biscuit dough and then drizzled with beef gravy.


A Nebraska favorite, runzas are a cross between a hot pocket and a burger. Ground beef, onions and cabbage are wrapped in a yeast dough and baked, resulting in a savory pastry.

From a reader: Tam said, “Made this today on a cold, windy day. Being from Nebraska I am a tough judge, but these are great. I only made half because I wasn’t sure how they would turn out. Now I wish I would have made more. The dough was so easy in the instant pot and had just the right texture of a true Runza. Yummy!”


A simple but delicious potato recipe with garlic, parsley, carrots and onion.

From a reader: Steve said, “These potatoes are incredible! Followed the recipe exactly, with russets I had on hand. The potatoes ended up so creamy, and just melted in your mouth. Anxious to try it with Yukon gold potatoes, but don’t know how they could be any better!”

New Hampshire

Beefy, cheesy noodles with seasoned tomato sauce and green peppers. A classic comfort food from mom’s kitchen.

From a reader: Kim said, “EZ Peasy & sooooooo delicious! Made this the other day & it was an instant hit at our house. Grew up eating this a LOT, but it was called ‘goulash’ at Mom’s house. I don’t care what you call it, it tastes really good & was a breeze to get it to the table. On the go-to list from now on.”

New Jersey

Use your Instant Pot to help you make stromboli faster! My stromboli recipe has pizza dough filled with cheese, sauce, pepperoni and salami. Then it’s rolled up and baked. You can proof the pizza dough in half the time with the yogurt function on your Instant Pot.

From a reader: Judy said, “My stromboli came out absolutely delicious. I managed to get a few pics before the fam descended on the kitchen & devoured the whole thing. I filled ours with mozz, parm & provolone cheese, pepperoni, salami, plus red, orange, yellow & green peppers. Served with marinara over the top & finished with…yup, more cheese. It was stupid good – so glad I made 2 so we can have leftovers!”

New Mexico

Chicken is cooked in a green chile sauce in your Instant Pot. Then it’s chopped and rolled up in a tortilla with cheese and smothered with more enchilada sauce.

From a reader: Stephanie said, “Made these last night and between my husband, my son and myself, we almost polished off the entire pan!! So delicious! I couldn’t get enough of the sauce.”

New York

Throw a bag of frozen chicken wings in your electric pressure cooker and cook for just 3 minutes for perfectly cooked chicken wings! Toss the wings in some buffalo sauce and then serve with celery sticks and blue cheese dressing.

North Carolina

Pork shoulder is cooked until tender and then served up on a bun with a homemade tomato and vinegar BBQ sauce popular in North Carolina. Make in the Instant Pot or slow cooker.

North Dakota

Tender roast beef and brown gravy served over toasted white bread with a side of creamy mashed potatoes. Diner food at home!

From a reader: Christina said, “Surprisingly this simply recipe is sooo delicious. A real keeper.”

A hot dog in a steamed bun with mustard, covered with copy cat Skyline chili, diced onions and a mound of shredded cheddar cheese.

From a reader: Debbie said, “This is amazing! My whole family loved it including my very picky daughter in law. I followed the recipe as written except I reduced the tsp of cumin to half. We ate this over spaghetti but will use leftovers for hotdogs. We live in Ohio and my son, who loves Skyline, thought it was even better than theirs.”


Country style gravy made with ground sausage and diced bacon is infused with flavors as it is quickly pressure cooked.

From a reader: Kathryn said, “I made this recipe this morning and it was so delicious! My kids said it was the best gravy ever. I loved how it tasted and a bonus was doing it all in one pot! No more splattering of the sausage cooking or gauging if I’d added enough flour/milk/fat ratio. This was PERFECT!”


The hot dish your mom used to make with ground beef, veggies and tater tots only it’s made in the Instant Pot instead of the oven.


My version of the cheesesteak sandwich–bun, meat, cheese and onions–made in your Instant Pot!

From a reader: Karin said, “So easy and fast to make!! Perfect sandwich for a busy day add a salad and chips and dinner is on the table. Delicious. ”

Rhode Island

Hot dogs, served in a steamed bun, and topped with celery salt, yellow mustard, chopped onions, and a seasoned meat sauce.

From a reader: Debbie said, “I am a Native Rhode Islander, born and bred. My father who was an upholsterer in Providence actually covered the seats in the New York System in Olneyville. He used to take us there all the time. So the only change I would make is you need the weiners from Dey St. That is where the System gets them! HaHa You haven’t lived until you tasted one. My husband loves them. I usually make my sauce on top of the stove. I will have to give my Instant Pot a try!”

South Carolina

Creamy and cheesy grits served with bacon flavored shrimp and green onions. Classic comfort food from the south!

From a reader: Judy said, “This was as good as or better than the cheesy shrimp & grits I had in Charleston, SC.”

South Dakota

A beefy chili is ladled over fry bread and topped with shredded lettuce, tomatoes and all your favorite taco fixings.

From a reader: Jan said, “This is fantastic Karen! I made the from scratch fry bread – pretty easy & went together quickly & OMGosh soooo good. Adding the olives was a nice touch too. Never in a million years would I have thought to add olives, yum! This will be my new Taco Tuesday. I’ll bet that fry bread would be delicious with a little sugar & cinnamon for dessert too, or maybe a cream cheese icing like cinnamon rolls. I can’t wait to also try the frozen dough – I didn’t have any. One fry bread was more than enough for a meal, so I’m freezing the other one & the chili. Thinking I can freshen up the fry bread with the Mealthy Crisp Lid. If that works out, will be great to make a larger quantity to freeze. Thanks for such a quick, easy & delicious recipe. Also thanks for including several different options to make.”


Layers of Nilla wafers, bananas and homemade vanilla pudding with a generous amount of whipped cream on top. The from-scratch pudding is made with no stirring in your Instant Pot!

From a reader: Nolan said, “This recipe turned out great! I also used vanilla bean paste in place of the extract for the pudding and whipped cream. Great sub! You could taste the vanilla bean in there”


This cheesy and creamy chicken casserole with tortillas and Rotel has its roots in Texas but that doesn’t mean us non-Texans can’t enjoy it too! Whip up my version in just a few minutes using your Instant Pot and NO cream of soups!

From a reader: Cathy said, “Made this for supper tonight and it was so easy and so good! Son and I each ate 2 bowls of it. Topped mine with sour cream and diced avocado. Only changes I would make is up the Rotel to it’s next heat level, we both thought it needed just a little kick and maybe one less tortilla. The tortillas really soak up the liquid like pasta does. This recipe is a keeper for sure.”

Potatoes with a homemade cheesy cream sauce and then topped with a crunchy cornflake topping. The perfect side dish to go with ham or turkey dinner.

From a reader: Amy Jo said, “I made this recipe last night. I cut the potatoes into approx. 1″ cubes and didn’t bother with the corn flake topping. It was a hit with my whole family. They asked me to save the recipe so I could make this again.”


Bite-size, spherical pancakes that are perfectly poppable and taste great with maple syrup drizzled over the top.

From a reader: Beth said, “Just made them for a super early supper! They’re great, and so much more fun than normal pancakes. Bonus: the cook gets to sit down and eat and not keep flipping!”


Tomato based stew with smoky pork, lima beans, corn and potatoes. Serve with a side of cornbread for a perfect dinner.

From a reader: Millie said, “I made it for the first time , my husband and I loved it ! We will keep this as a favorite and will share recipe with family.”


Homemade apple cobbler that’s brought to a whole new level with the addition of drizzly caramel and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. A quick and easy fall dessert.

West Virginia

A comforting bowl of creamy pinto beans flavored with smoky ham. A winter staple in the Appalachian states.

From a reader: Crystal said, “Made this pinto beans recipe tonight for dinner with corn bread, fried potatoes and bacon. They were delicious. Used the fast soak method and I did not have any cayenne pepper so I omitted. I also did not use meat from ham hock (just for flavoring). My mother is from the poorest, southern most part of West Virginia right in the heart of coal country. She absolutely loved them. She said they were better than hers. That is a huge compliment as she has had the same family recipe for 60+ years. 3rd recipe for Instant Pot I have made of yours. All were absolutely delicious.”


A chicken, beef and vegetable soup/stew that can be made quickly in your Instant Pot or slowly simmered all day in your slow cooker.

From a reader: Lisa said, “It uses a lot of different veggies because it is usually a harvest time soup/stew get together! It is made in large pots over fires and everyone brings bowls or containers to enjoy and take some home.”


Tender chunks of beef (or elk) in a creamy gravy sauce with veggies and then topped with biscuits. A beef pot pie type of recipe that is ultra comfort food.

From a reader: Kristin said, “First time using Instant Pot. Lol not a great cook and this was super easy and yummy.

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What about the District of Columbia? It is always left off information lists!
BTW, iin case you did not know, residents of DC are not exempt from federal taxes (as are, for example, PR residents). We pay in total more federal taxes than residents of 22 states. We pay more per capita than residents of all states. DC has more people than 2 states. Some states have more federally-owned land and higher federal employment With statehood and voting representatio, we won’t be ignored any longer! Support DC statehood! End taxation without representation!

I am sorry I forgot about DC! What recipe do you think would be good to represent DC?

Thank you so much! Do you have a cookbook with all these recipes?

I do have a cookbook, it does not contain all the recipes though. Here is the cookbook link:

I already have the cookbook you mentioned. Thank you for your quick reply!

The Utah recipe is locally known as “funeral potatoes” because it is frequently served as a side dish at meals prepared for family and friends after a funeral service. They are relatively easy and inexpensive to prepare in large quantities and everyone loves them.

You can also top them with potato chip crumbs or a buttered breadcrumb crust – personally I like with just a little extra cheese melted on top.

Thanks Lisa! I love them with any way I can get them!

Thank you so much Karen for all your hard work and research putting this project together each week. So many wonderful yummy instant pot recipes. I hope your family has a wonderful holiday season!

I really enjoyed the state recipes this year! The project you picked was a great pick me up each week during a time when our lives all got turned upside down with the events of 2020. Thank you so much for doing this!

Coca-Cola Recipe Could Have Been Yours – For $15 Million - Recipes

Therefore, I compiled several books with interesting patterns and designs which I have collected over the years. They come from far and wide: as far away as Australia and Scotland and several of these patterns have been designed by friends themselves.

Although I don't crochet, I feel there is a market for crochet books as well as knitting books, so a couple of friends have kindly helped me to put some books together, in the hope that you will find something of interest to whet your appetite.

I've also included a few recipe books for cooking, just for good measure.

I hope that these books will bring you as much pleasure as it has for me in using my imagination, because The Sky's the Limit where designing your own sweater, baby blanket, etc. is concerned.

If you have any suggestions for future books, please don't hesitate to let me know and we shall see what can be done. Knitting books, Crochet, Cookbooks or anything that might be of interest in the General section: manuals, etc. Also, if you have any patterns, recipes that you really enjoy, would appreciate if you could share them with us and we could incorporate them into the appropriate books.

Also, I have a wide selection of Infant and toddlers knitwear for sale that I have knitted myself. If you are interested in acquiring knitwear for that special baby, grandchild, etc. please contact me and we can see if there is anything that is of interest.


To order any of the books listed below, please contact me by email or telephone. All prices are listed in US dollars.

Beef Birria

I like to make this with a combination of oxtail and beef shank from RUMBA MEATS the bone-in meat renders a very flavorful Birria broth. You can also use Beef cheek and oxtail (the cheek has a lot of meat). You can make your own combination, too, just make sure you add a cut of meat with some bone in it.

There are so many different recipes for birria, but all of them use a combination of dried peppers and herbs. Some cooks will add beer or Pulque instead of vinegar. Some also add a little piece of ginger. The way this dish is usually served is in a bowl (similar to a soup) and garnished with chopped onion and cilantro or oregano. The meat is also served with tacos.

Make it at Home: Rye Bar Limeade

1½ ounces James E. Pepper Rye Whiskey
1 ounce fresh lime juice
1 ounce lavender simple syrup (recipe below)
Splash of soda
¼ ounce Campari
Lime twist, for garnish

In a tumbler filled with ice, add whiskey, lime juice, syrup, soda and Campari . Stir 3 times. Pour into a glass, and garnish with lime twist.

Lavender Simple Syrup
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
2 tablespoons dried lavender

Bring sugar and water to a boil, then remove from heat. Add lavender and let sit overnight. Will keep for up to two months.

The Welcome Drink: Rum Punch

The Buccaneer is one of those low-profile places that doesn’t advertise much, but it does brisk business, with a loyal fan base returning year after year. Founded in the 1700s, the hotel has been family-run for generations. Down the road is the Cruzan Rum distillery, family-run since the early 1800s. Naturally, the welcome drink is a rum punch made with Cruzan Rum. Guests drink it in the resort’s Great House, overlooking the golf course, harbor and the crystal-blue Caribbean Sea.

Kombucha, other probiotic drinks making inroads in Wine Country

When you think about the fermented beverages that are an integral part of Sonoma County’s identity and its economy, what comes to mind are alcoholic drinks like wine, beer and cider.

As consumers move away from sugary sodas and look for healthier options, Sonoma County artisan producers of fermented drinks like kombucha and kefir are taking off. And the once-niche market is expected to soar nationwide now that behemoths Coca-Cola and Pepsi have joined the ranks.

The most familiar is kombucha, a beverage that has been brewed for centuries and has experienced a revival in the last decade among urban hipsters and do-it-yourself foodies.

The drink is simple to make: combine sweetened tea with a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, which is more commonly known by its acronym, SCOBY. Leave it alone for about a week and then bottle the beverage, adding fruit or other ingredients.

But its growth is more than a food fad. Big business has taken note: the kombucha market in the United States grew by an estimated 41 percent last year to $534 million in wholesale value, according to Beverage Marketing Corp., a New York research and advisory firm.

That trend is reflected in the growth of Revive Kombucha, a Petaluma company that started selling its products at the Santa Rosa farmers market seven years ago and now distributes them to retailers in 48 states. Last year, sales increased 80 percent, owner Sean Lovett said, and the company is continuing to expand. Trader Joe’s recently picked up two of its products.

“Kombucha has been a growing category for a while. I would say in the last six to nine months, we’ve seen a major change in retail adoption,” said Lovett. “It’s crossing into the mainstream.”

Other local beverage producers are growing as well, with different recipes and drink names. But all the beverages contain probiotics, the live, “good” bacteria and yeast that aid in digestion. There also is a group of dairy probiotic drinks, and includes producers such as Clover Sonoma of Petaluma.

“They (consumers) are going to spend their dollars on something that will give them a healthy effect,” said Tom Boyd, owner of The Kefiry in Sebastopol.

Last year, soft drink consumption fell to a 31-year low, on a per capita basis, according to Beverage Digest, a trade publication. Given the trend, both Coca-Cola Co. and PepsiCo Inc. are quickly diversifying their portfolios. Although production of kombucha represents only about 0.3 percent of the overall non-alcoholic drink market, it is projected to grow to a $1.2 billion wholesale market by 2021, Beverage Marketing Corporation reported.

Coca-Cola has invested $7 million in Health-Ade, the second most popular brand behind GT’s Kombucha, which holds more than 80 percent market share, according to Roger Dilworth, a senior analyst for Beverage Marketing Corporation. Last year, PepsiCo bought Oxnard-based KeVita. Local producers said that acquisition was a game changer in the burgeoning industry.

“If they are buying billboards in New York, San Francisco and the L.A. markets, that is raising category awareness,” Lovett said of Pepsi and Coca-Cola. “A rising tide is going to lift all boats.”

Lovett has seen that growth firsthand. As his production has increased, he moved from Windsor to a bigger facility in Petaluma. He also ramped up hiring to a current total of ?40 employees, who are paid at least a living wage of $15 per hour and are eligible to own an equity stake of the business. He did not reveal production or revenue numbers, citing competition in the industry.

“They know they’ve got some skin in the game. If things continue to go well, there is a reward for them. It also keeps them motivated to stay,” Lovett said of his employees.

At times, Lovett said he came close to going out of business. “Even in this last year, I had to sell cars to make payroll,” he said. “It’s not without challenges.”

But he persisted, and the company is expected to be profitable by the end of 2018, he said. Revive was greatly helped in the marketplace by the fact that it doesn’t have the traditional vinegary taste of kombucha, but offers more generally palatable flavors such as ginger lime and hibiscus fruit.

“One of the reasons it has done well is because it tastes well,” said Ted Robb, a partner in InHouse Ventures, a Healdsburg investment firm that owns Taylor Maid Farms in Sebastopol, producer of organic coffee and tea drinks.

Lovett said the product’s versatility is another advantage. It can be consumed in a variety of circumstances - from the morning as a coffee replacement to caffeine-free versions later at night. Revive has kegerators in workplaces such as Google and Adobe Systems, where its kombucha is popular with millennial high-tech workers.

In fact, the drinks have become a popular nonalcoholic substitute at local taprooms. For example, the taproom at Community Market in Sebastopol has four types of kvass from Biotic Beverages in Petaluma that compete against local beers and wines. Kvass is a traditional eastern European drink, which Biotic makes from bacteria fermented with organic carrots and beets. Other ingredients such as lemon, lime or salt are added depending on the recipe.

“It’s a way to play in the nightlife scene … but you don’t have to pay for it the next day (with a hangover),” said Jennifer Harris, a consultant who is coordinator of the annual Farm to Fermentation Festival in Petaluma. Harris noted that some use kvass as a mixer with hard cider at Community Market.

Biotic next month will ramp up to place 200 kegs in area restaurants and coffee shops to raise the visibility of the drink, said Adam Johnston, who co-owns the business with his father. It also wants to expand more into Whole Foods Market, where its product is stocked in 10 local stores. “Our bread and butter is Whole Foods,” he said.

The drinks are pricey. Biotic, for instance, sells its beverages for a suggested retail price of $3.99 for a 12-ounce bottle. “The high price point reduces consumption occasions, but that can’t be helped without hurting profit margins,” the analyst Dilworth wrote in an email.

The industry has benefited greatly from the purported health benefits of its product. Studies conducted on animals have shown that kombucha can get rid of “bad” bacteria in the gut, said Jennifer McDaniel, a registered dietitian in St. Louis who is a spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

“The bad news is we have scant evidence that has been performed on humans on the health evidence of kombucha,” McDaniel said. She added that the antioxidants in certain teas within kombucha could be beneficial to consumers.

Regardless, customers ­- including those who have already visited wineries and brewery taprooms - continue to show up at The Kefiry, where they belly up to the bar to sample the naturally fermented drinks made from kefir grains. The water kefir flavors (there are also milk kefirs) include lemon ginger and root beer, and they have only small amounts of sugar. The product is available at local stores and restaurants such as Handline in Sebastopol.

“We are in the wettest (alcohol) place on earth,” Boyd said of Sonoma County. “We can also be the exact opposite at the same time.”

Boyd has recruited two outside investors into his business, which opened up in 2010, and plans to build regional production facilities in California, and go national in the future. He has five employees and wants to get to 10 workers by the end of the year.

While impressive, the growth also bring challenges. Revive recently ended its bottle exchange program, phasing out its swing-top reusable bottles in favor of recyclable ones.

The exchange program was lauded as a prime example of corporate sustainability with a return rate as much as 75 percent. The exchange process, however, consumed 60 percent of the company’s production time, making it unfeasible for the long run, Lovett said.

“We probably would have been profitable as a company if we had not done bottle exchange,” said Lovett, who noted that some longtime customers could be “frustrated and hurt” by the closing of the program.

The sector expansion also has attracted more amateurs who want to make their own home brew. Beer Belly Fermentation Supply in Windsor has a kombucha starter kit, which includes a SCOBY, for about $50. “My 6-year-old daughter can even do it,” owner Steven Farias said of the simplicity of homemade kombucha.

Overall, Sonoma County is perfectly positioned to be a hub of healthy eating and drinking as these businesses continue to expand, said Ben Stone, executive director of the Sonoma County Economic Development Board.

“We’re right on this verge of a probiotic revolution and what it’s going to mean for human health,” Stone said. “They are helping to set up conditions to live well.”

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